Looking to Partner Up March 28, 2020

MVP ready. Looking for a Tech Lead (Co-Founder). I'm a very committed and experienced founder exGoogle + grown Series A startups.

Daniel Rongo @RevenueChief

I'm building a new SaaS solution for the restaurant industry that will focus on digital transformation and data.

The MVP is ready as I have a part-time developer helping out at the moment. However, he is not ready to commit more than a few hours a week to the project as he has a full-time job.

I have a great potential partnership on the table with one of the top 10 FMCG firms on the planet and I will need a Tech Lead who can assure continuity to the project. As well as brainstorm feature ideas with me.

Similar startups have reached $3M ARR within 18 months from the launch.

I'm not expecting you to have 15 years dev experience, however I'm looking for someone really committed to "make it big" who is hungry to learn, and doesn't get discouraged easily. Basically an entrepreneur who can code, who I can share the journey with.

Open to both CTO / Lead Developer / Tech Partner scenarios - depending on experience and level of commitment. Preferably based on EU Timezone, but not necessarily.

Not sure what tech stack I should ask you for, I was recommended to use React multiple times. The MVP is currently built on PHP.

I have more than 10 years of sales, marketing, and finance experience. I'm able to set and executive a Go-To-Market strategy and raise funding. I worked at large firms like Google and Microsoft, where I was in charge of experimental departments (cloud tech) as well had major C-Level roles in Series A startups.

P.s. I'm easy going and (I hope) fun to work with. We want to build the next big thing, sure. But I also want to enjoy the journey and have a laugh on the way :)

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    Hi Daniel! Promising story. Did you already find a partner? Please let me know if you don't.

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    My name is Dmitriy is CTO/full-stack dev focused in iOS/Android.
    Now im working in DigitalNomads company based in Russia, Siberia)
    Im interested to build smth new. Please let me know more about your product and may be we can work together.

    My business mail: [email protected]
    Or telegram: @Khalbaevdm

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    I am interested please contact me

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    Hi there. I see you've had some interest, so you can also add me to the list.
    My email is on my profile.

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    Hi - would like to speak with you about this, please. I don't see an email address for you, so I'll await your message. Thanks much! KJ

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      Thank you for your interest and sure, I will email you shortly.

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    that sounds really good. Would be happy to talk to you about it.
    I am a full stack developer and serial entrepreneur.
    I have also some friends, who could be interested and get it live faster.

    Message me if you are interested ([email protected])

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      Thanks Alex, I will definitely email you shortly.

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    Hey. Would love to chat.

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      Sure, will get in touch.

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    Hey, this sounds interesting to me and I'd like some more info. My experience is in PHP (Laravel & WP) and React + React Native, so there is probably some good tech alignment there. You can find some info about me (and my email address) on my profile.

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      Thanks Zach, will get in touch!

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    I'm interested. Please message me.

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    Funny enough, I have restaurant experience (first career was working towards red seal chef) and PHP experience (been writing PHP for 10+ years). Unfortunately I'm in Vancouver, BC but somewhat flexible on hours.

    I'm open to discussing more if you want.

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      Interesting, I will inbox you shortly, thanks for your interest!

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    How do I get in touch? Please add contact info on your profile or send me an email at [email protected]

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      Sure I will.