Landing Page Feedback May 25, 2019

MVP: Simple platform as a service for Kubernetes

David Huie @davethebrave

Hey everyone,

I just launched, a simple platform as a service for Kubernetes. Rezden aims to be the quickest way to go from a Git merge on a Github repository to a running application within your private infrastructure.

The idea came about from my days as an infrastructure engineer. Most medium to large sized companies have many simple, non-production, internal applications that they have to deploy. Usually, the task of releasing these applications falls upon their infrastructure or DevOps teams. These teams usually have systems in place for releasing apps that are geared towards the company's main production application, which tends to have a complex setup. Thus, configuring new applications, regardless of complexity, tends to be a difficult and lengthy process, even when the internal applications are really simple. Teams working on some of these internal applications often wish they had access to tools like Heroku or Google App Engine, but company policies often don't allow them access to tools like that, since those platforms host outside of the company's data centers. With Rezden, I'm giving companies the best of both worlds: simple application deployments and the ability to run the app within your own data center. The only thing a company needs access to is a Kubernetes cluster.

Another advantage of using Rezden is the cost savings compared to traditional PaaS tools. On certain Kubernetes hosting platforms, like DigitalOcean, businesses can rent servers for less than 20% of the cost of platforms like Heroku. Rezden gives you the ability to transform those servers into a PaaS instantly (you can actually get Rezden running on a managed DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster in less than 10 minutes). This is useful for hobbyists and hackers that are looking for the cheapest way to run their apps.

Anyway, I've been working on this product for the past two months, and I'm excited about the potential.

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    Definitely it is a great idea and solves a real problem. I would use it for my projects when I need to scale up them to a Kubernetes infrastructure.

    Btw a few days ago I received in my email inbox an email talking about a similar product like yours: It is a Kubernetes-based micro PaaS. So yeah, you are in a hot niche right now, go for it!

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      Thanks for the feedback! I hadn't heard of Rio, but after looking into it, it might not be a pure competitor since Rezden is a managed service (we provide a UI on the public internet, do the application building, image hosting, & provide internet endpoints). We'll have to see what the market values!