April 9, 2019

MVP went viral - what next!?

Hey guys, on Wednesday last week I released the MVP for Macondo.club, a P2P platform to donate, deliver and share books in Venezuela.

The MVP is super basic as we needed to demonstrate traction for a local accelerator we applied to, so we had to release before I thought it was ready.

The platform went viral on Twitter, we've had a decent amount of people signing up, messaging us with support, and even several interviews with the media in Venezuela.

It is amazing to be able to validate the idea and to know that our solution can help alleviate a big problem (there aren't many bookshops left in the country!)

I'm a bit overwhelmed now that we have so many people following us, wanting to use the platform, and the MVP so limited functionality.

I'm a solo, non-technical founder, any digital warriors out there keen to help me deliver goods to my home country!?