Ideas and Validation May 6, 2020

My 8 yeses to get an idea off the ground...

Jamal Mashal @jamalx31

Yesterday I was listening to episode 160 of IH podcast with @bramk and made me realized I fell into the same trap again with my current business idea. Last week I started building and coding before validating and testing the idea.

So I wanted to create a decision tree (flowchart) for myself so I don't do that mistake again. So I only move down the tree only and only if I have YES for the current step. And is what I came up with

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    Pretty good stuff, my take of the lean startup approach or just reading IH you should start with a problem, and not with an idea, but still this is really nice!

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      Thanks @redigaffi.
      I agree and disagree. I think what is important is just to start somewhere as long as you are really seeking to build a value, ofc it's better if you have a real problem to solve but it's okay if you don't. So many startups and companies started trying to solve a problem and end up solving a totally different one, so just start somewhere

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    Wow Jamal this is pretty cool! Mind if I share this on Twitter?

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    Talking to the customers about their problems and frustrations should go first and previously to building any MVP.

    You'll need to do it sooner or later, and your value proposal should be based on their feedback, so I don't see the point on building and MVP based on your assumptions alone.

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      @distortionkid I totally agree. but to talk to any one you need to have a hypothesis about a problem they have and then you go investigate further. Unless wanna jump on random people and try to find something you can build for them.

      Maybe it's not that clear in my chart and should update it. but access to potential customers comes first before building the mvp. ofc the includes validating your idea using their feedback

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        I liked the option "Do it for fun or to learn" at step 2 when it does not seem to fit on a business model.

        Sometimes we are so focused on business profit that we forget about those two: learn & have fun. That seems to me like a really good option for some cases.
        And after all, a lot of great projects started like that.

        Thanks for sharing your diagram, @jamalx31

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    Good stuff! Thanks @jamalx31, I'll save this for later use.

    And two small remarks:

    1. There's a spelling error ("Did you share what you have built with the your audience)

    2. I think there are more ways to show your product or service than a landing page or MVP.

    It could be just a video, or in the most basic form, you could just tell people the service or product you're aiming to provide. If you can communicate it clearly, that may be enough (in some cases).

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      Thanks @jochemg
      2. I agree, but for me even a landing page or a video as you mentioned is MVP .. anything that helps you get the data you need is MVP. ofc MVP is not only 1 version you keep iterating over it and add more layers till you get a solid product that people would pay for

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    I love the "Where is the fun if it worked the first time". That's some really great content there.

    I'm curious, at which stage of the flow chart are you for your shopify app?

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      Thank you @nelsonkamga
      Before creating this I was at "do you have MVP" and I started building the app. and then I saw what I was doing and went step back. So now i'm at "do you have access to potential customers" and so far the answer is No. and I'm trying to get close to my target audience and see if there is need and interest in what i'm planning to build

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    Does anyone have an example of a MVP Experiment canvas?

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      Oh sorry, this is the canvas I'm referring to in my chart
      and you can see my IRL example here

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        sweet Jamal, thanks man! Im going to try to use this for some of the ideas that im literally constantly coming up with in my head!

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          Sounds great! please try it out and lmk know what's your take ✌️

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            Hey! I downloaded and tried to open it so I can use it with some of the ideas that I had in mind but I cant seem to find a format that will allow me to enter in my own data. Is there anywhere else I can access this?

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    Whew! This seems really interesting. I would apply this in my upcoming project and see how it goes!

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      🔥💪🏻Please share your experience that with us :)

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    Looks cool. But I have no clue what "mvp experiment canvas" is.

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    So, where's your flow diagram of stage 2? 😁

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      hehe still working on it/trying to figure it out :D

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