My App's Ethical Dilemma

Hey guys,

I’ve been building Keys, the most effective way to date in the world—on any dating app (www.thekeysapp.com)

Keys is the first keyboard specifically designed for daters. Rather than letters, the keys on our keyboard represent the intent of your message, making it easier and quicker to express yourself. Tap an intent and an entire phrase populates in the text field. With Keys, you always know just what to say on dating apps.

The problem? Keys is crazy effective; maybe too effective. Now I’m afraid to release Keys to the public because I’m essentially putting words in other people’s mouths and misleading their matches, you know? Am I overthinking this? Is this just teaching by example? What am I missing?

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    The problem? Keys is crazy effective; maybe too effective. Now I’m afraid to release Keys to the public

    This sounds like the worst double fake marketing / pr nonsense I've heard in a long time.

    "Oh no... my product is TOO good... I can't release it"

    Release it. I think you'll be alright. Maybe hold off on pre-ordering that Lamborghini though.

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      lol I had the same feeling about this post.

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    So lemme get this straight—

    Your app tells people what to say to their matches on dating apps.

    And you're wondering if this is unethical?

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    You say it's too effective but haven't released it to the public. You might want to take a more level headed approach.

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      An app can be too effective at its job without having any users.

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        Thanks @ciriousjoker. nothing can be achieved without confidence

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    This is my point of view.
    If you clearly explain what your product does since the beginning, before joining, then the members they know that the other person is using phrases picked from a common pool.
    It is OK.

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    Hmmm. One way to mitigate this might be to show possible text, but don't let the guys (and I'm assuming this is targeted at men) copy it over. It at least forces them to put something of themselves into it, even if just a tiny bit.

    The play Cyrano de Bergerac is all about the follies of putting others' words in your mouth for romance. I think ultimately "the truth will out", but if this bothers you, why not pursue something else?

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    I would be interested in knowing

    • does it identify objects in the photo to give these prompts?
    • How do you prevent repeating similar prompts for same tag i.e. if a profile has 10 photos with dogs, will it create an different opening line for each photo?
    • How do you know that these prompts are interesting/engaging and not cheezy? How will you convince your users?
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