My article got accepted in The Startup on Medium 🎉

This morning I got the best notification of my blogging career. My blog post got accepted in The Startup (the most popular publication on Medium — over 700k followers).

I did publish a few pieces before in Better Programming and got a decent volume, but The Startup is now taking this whole blogging experience to a whole new level.

🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

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    Congrats! The Startup is one of the biggest publications on Medium, so that's super exciting!

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    Nice work! What is the article about? Can you drop a link?

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      Thanks! It’s a tutorial for SEO beginners on how to target question keywords. https://link.medium.com/FrcU95Oa6bb

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    Congrats! That's awesome.

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    Congrats!! The thing about Medium is all about channels in my experience and The Startup is as good as any!

    How is the reception/readership from the article so far?

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      It very much depends on the piece of content you are publishing. I've got a few articles published under Better Programming and Modern Rails (my publication) which are doing fairly well. But my publication has ~100 followers and Better Programming has ~161k followers so I'm expecting a long tail of views on my latest piece based on The Startup's 700k+ followers

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    That's awesome, congrats! One of my articles got published on The Startup in October 2019, and it's still averaging around 1000 monthly views.

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      How much $$ is that per month?

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      That's amazing. Congrats

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    Congrats. Hope you'll have better experiences than me. My only accepted article was a flop, I get much better results on Better Programming.

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      I've published 23 articles so far (all of them > 1000 words) and only 6 of them have over 1k views so yeah, flops are part of the deal

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    Congrats my first article was accepted and I have yet to repeat this luck.


    Every other post I've submitted has sat there until I give up and submit it somewhere else. It's still my best performing piece but mostly because of good SEO does getting accepted change your life? I don't think so but it is impressive and apparently difficult to do, well done.

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    Congrats. I got featured once or twice in on The Startup.
    It's awesome. I still get a few bucks per month from that article. :)

    Keep it up.

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    I got a few pieces accepted into The Startup as well (eg https://medium.com/swlh/angular-11-in-depth-9a7372b4a600). Pretty impactful, but I must say that for my particular subject (software development / front-end), JS in Plain English generally brings me more page views.

    The problem (IMHO) with The Startup is the difficulty to rise to their front-page, given the important number of articles they bring on.

    Another benefit of the other publication that I send my articles too is that the owner is also a curator for the JavaScript subject on Medium and he sometimes also picks my articles, which then appear on the front-page of the JavaScript section. That combo does increase page views by an important margin.

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    I didn't know that that existed.

    I am going to explore that! Thanks!

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    I also had an article featured there once. Please let us know how it improves your site performance or engagement. I wonder if it makes an impact to get featured there for you, and if it does, how big the impact is!

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      btw, this was the article I published https://medium.com/swlh/creating-a-sentiment-bot-in-slack-with-node-js-and-symantos-text-analytics-api-560e854a090d It got 61 claps but we didn't see much increase in traffic or engagement unfortunately. Maybe it was the fault of the article itself, who knows ;)

      Edit: The stats say I got 360 views and 160 reads.

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    Congrats, How long it took for getting approved? How is the response so far, eager to see the stats of what a community of 700k followers mean.

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    Upvoted. Rooting for you homeboy

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    Nice, I hope you'll let us know how your growth is impacted. 🙌

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      Thanks and of course I will 😁

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