Bloggers September 25, 2020

My blog post got picked up by HackerNoon! 🗞

Devan Sabaratnam @Devan
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    Nice @Devan! Did you reach out to them or did they reach out to you?

    Your writeup is great btw! How long does it take you to put together a tutorial like that?

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      Thank you! I used to post there regularly years ago, but stopped for a while because I wasn't really writing tutorials any more. I uploaded this on their authors portal about a month ago just to see what would happen, and it got approved and pushed out! (They just edited the title for a little more click bait I guess).

      This particular tutorial was about an hour or so to put together. As I was setting things up, I thought that this would make a good subject for a tutorial so I started taking screen shots as I was doing it.

      If I am really honest, most of the tutorials I post are really there as a future reminder to myself because my memory is terrible and I often forget how I did things! 😅 I store most of my tutorials and articles over on my personal/developer blog

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        Really cool! How hard would you say is it to get published there?

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        Cool. I know myself personally am regularly copy and pasting code from my past repos of things I did before don't remember exactly how.

        Is driving traffic to your business your primary reason for writing?

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          Actually it isn't. I mean, I mention my app on there and I do get a handful of click throughs, but really, my primary aim is (a) a reminder for myself, as I mentioned above, and (b) just trying to document some 'outside the box' things that others might come across in their own startup or development (or music recording) journey.

          There have been numerous occasions where I gleaned some really important insight in a really obscure, old, blog post, and so I wanted to return the favour and 'give back' a little (even though it may sound cliche, I really do mean it).

          My entire blog is really little snippets of code, startup advice, music recording tips, gaming ideas, side projects etc. Some things there may be useful to some people somewhere, I hope.

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