Self Development February 18, 2020

My course on how to learn to program is free for 2 days

Zubin @zeuscoder

Hi All,
As a freecodecamp contributor and self taught dev who has founded , built and crashed startups I found that there a lot of attrition amongst those who try to teach themselves to code. It's largely because of misinformation, mismatched expectations and an inadequate plan. It almost never has anything to do with ability.

Last year I made this course before I forgot what it's like to be a newbie. For a couple of days this course is available free . I'm not doing this to get into the teaching space. I just want more people to not give up on something that is totally achievable.

Please not this is not a coding course, but a course on information and insights that you need to have a firm grasp of so that you can make a proper plan to learn to code. It's kinda meta in that sense! Check out the reviews if you like, and I sure hope this helps some of you. Since its free it's no risk anyway.

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    This looks great. I signed up. Might take a week to go through the course but will send you feedback when I've completed it.

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      No worries - the course has been around almost a year, and happy to get more feedback! reach out if i can answer any questions. I've been a professional dev soon so im slowly losing perspective on what its like to be a newbie, but I am still fresh enough to remember most of that experience!

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    Hi Zubin,

    Looks like I have missed the party. Any chance you can still offer free to one more newbie? :D


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      Hi Adrien, absolutely can! Udemy gives me 3 days every months, so next month can do. if you're happy to remind me in March :) you can tweet me if you like (@ZubinPratap) or leave me a message with your email on, which is my rubbish landing page for exactly this purpose.

      Alternatively, udemy does allow me to make a monthly coupon for $12 or so. If you are in a hurry thats the best I can do! otherwise March, for sure!

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        Hi Zubin,

        thank you very much for your reply! I can't wait to watch your wonderful content so I will take the route of $12 coupon. :D I just submitted my email to your landing page.


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          Ok, I just made it, and am putting it here so that others can access it too (I got your email too, but figure might as well put it here so others can use it if they need).

          I'm not a professional or career teacher - it was just a course I made that I really could have benefited from so I sure hope you get something out of it!

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    Thanks! Just enrolled.
    Will definitely return with feedback.

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    Cool idea, I'm going to check it out while I commute this week. Cheers

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      Good luck Blake...let me know if you've got any questions.