My Covid game went viral. Now what? 🤔

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    🤣🤣🤣🤣 keep going on buddy. That song is amazing. Don't monetize it yet. Try to follow your passion and make it more fun or build another one.

    Thanks for building it, went back to the days I played space invaders in my dad's nokia 3000.

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    Well done.

    Not sure about the other suggestions here to monetize it some things should rather not be monetized in my opinion but that's just my 2c.

    Maybe you can combine it with a good cause like a charity or frontline worker help, something connected to vaccines etc.

    Just a brainfart

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    First, of all try to monetize that. If you want to build more games then you can follow the present trend. Example you can make a game on Bird Flu and how you are saving the birds. I hope this advice helps you.

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      Thanks! Great advice

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    First of all, congratulations! :)

    Start building our social channels, or even better, a newsletter - even if the sign-up rate is low. This will help you promote updates and potential new games to people who enjoyed this game.

    Oh, and monetize as soon as you can. I am not trying to be a nay-sayer, but I work in the games industry, and these types of "viral game" moments happen very rarely. In a few months, the audience will be tiny in comparison to what you're seeing now, so do what you can to earn some revenue now, which will allow you to expand the game or build new games.

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      Yeah I could definitely try building a newsletter. Thanks

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    no suggestions but just came here to say that the music is sick 😂 nice one

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      Haha I freestyled it.

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    I noticed the hacker news post, and I agree with that.

    I would make it longer and maybe have a boss at the end or something. You get lots of lives but the game is way too short and too easy, but the battle with COVID was not exactly easy, make it harder, make the enemies faster (progressive though, starts slow and gets faster with time)

    As for monetization, just create a buymeacoffee page and put a donation button.

    Add a message about yourself that you are young and any money will just encourage you to continue on this path of game development.

    Oh, and congrats!

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      Great ideas! Thanks!

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    Your game reminds me the 2020game! Maybe you should contact the creator, he must have some advices for you! 🙌

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      I was just about to post the same message. The 2020game is really well done, and I like that the creator asks for donations at the end when people are feeling good about completing it and he gives a quick backstory about the game and himself.

      Definitely worth contacting that guy and seeing if they can help each other.

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    1. push further, reach out to PR help to get more headlines & buzz for the game
    2. get in contact with some tiktok creators & let them make videos to the song to build some weird hype for the song
    3. after the song got some hype on tiktok, then (and only then) publish the song to streaming platforms (let some time pass)
    4. sell covid invaders merchandise
    5. build a brand from there, if you don‘t get good offers from there on, monetization wouldn‘t have brought you much further.
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      Interesting advice! Thanks.

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    Hi @JoshTernyak here are my suggestions:

    1. Add something like ads or in app purchases.
    2. reduce the number of bullets(as said in Hackernews post).
    3. Make a patreon page or something to accept donations.
      4.Make a new product related to health (or anything you love).
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