Landing Page Feedback February 17, 2020

My first attempt at a landing page.

David Serrano @BobbyJones

So I really suck at design and I am still learning css but I created a landing page. Please give me feedback and ways to improve. I would love insights on the color, font, and font size. The desktop view of the site looks much better than the mobile. Definitely not a mobile first design. Thanks in advance.

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    Congrats on the little step @BobbyJones

    Quick fix:

    • Color: definitely need 2 strong contrast particularly the CTA button, check out
    • Font: try to define a progressive font size system and the hierarchy i.e. 12pt for content, 12pt for title etc, you can play around on Google Font
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    I built with Webflow. Highly recommend it.

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    It's not bad, a good start if you're not a web designer. But if you need something more sophisticated I'd suggest use a landing page builder. I developed for this purpose.

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      Is there something wrong with your link? I keep getting redirected to spammy pages unrelated to your site!

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        Oops! Missed an "m" at the end. Edited the main post. It's

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    "to do day to day experiments" - that's a bit of a linguistic riddle, I would simplify this headline

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      I didn't realize. Maybe I should do "to perform daily experiments" instead? What do you think?

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      that can be a song too:


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    Great job getting started!

    The number one thing to do is practice. I would suggest checking out dribbble and getting a feel for modern design practices.

    Build a landing page from scratch is not a waste of time. It's how you get better.

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    I personally think creating a landing page from scratch is a waste of your time. Use Carrd, Wix, Wordpress, Webflow, Airsite, Unbounce, Kickoff Labs .. there are more.

    Not blowing my own trumpet .. but have a look at It is built with an off-the-shelf theme. Has issues .. but is responsive... and certainly a lot better than what I could achieve if I tried to do code it myself.

    I am a big proponent of not using code unless absolutely necessary. Even with ~4700 sales, I still found bugs in the theme I have used. Imagine the number of bugs if I coded it.

    Incidentally, the whole website is built without any custom code.

    Great idea though. Hope it catches on.

    Anyway ... hope that helps.

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      Well, I built it from scratch because while I suck at designing I do know what designs I don't like. I also want it to be as lean as possible and to load as fast as possible. I don't want to use any themes based around bootstrap or any frontend js frameworks. To me, speed and simplicity are much more important than being easy to build on my end. WordPress, Wix, Webflow, etc are very heavy. While page size increasingly becomes a smaller issue as the internet becomes faster across the world it is still an issue to keep in mind. I know the picture on my website currently doesn't load instantly but that is due to me not optimizing the image size yet. Once I do that the page should be pretty snappy.

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        I agree that speed is important. And coding it from scratch will surely make a difference. Since that is a priority, I agree that your approach is correct.

        Given your eye for design (and the fact that you are building your own product), I would appreciate your feedback on my landing page as well.

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    The design isn't awful, there's probably a few pre-built color palettes that you could use for a more cohesive design. I like - they create color palettes based on real photos.

    I think the biggest issue right now is your copy.

    "Apply the scientific method to your tipped income" - I don't fully understand what that means.

    "Email goes here" for the placeholder text should probably just say email.

    The second paragraph is probably too long.

    I worked as a server and busboy in high school. "Unleash your tipped income" seems like a little much - I'm not going to make more tips by keeping track of what I make. The best I think I would get to is estimating what I'm going to make by moving a Saturday Shift to a Sunday and vice versa. Is that generally the idea?

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      Thank you for the feedback btw. Very much appreciated.

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      Well the idea is that something as simple as handing out mints can increase your tips per customer. But without proper a/b testing you are guessing at the results. This web app will allow you to apply the scientific method to your tipped income. You essentially create a hypothesis and do tests and track the data. This application will then determine the percent change in revenue that test resulted in. It will also allow you to track your tipped income, environmental variables that may effect that income, make accurate income projections, and show metrics and graphs based on the data you provide.

      An example of environmental variables is weather. Maybe on cold days people are more generous. Maybe on cold days you get more customers. Another example of an hypothesis you can test for is whether or not Adderall or various Nootroprics increase your earnings. It's literally applying the scientific method to your tipped income. Keeping track of your wages will not magically increase them. But by using the data you do collect for self improvement purposes you can increase your earnings.

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        Ooh... that's interesting. That didn't cross my mind - and maybe it won't cross the minds of your visitors either. I think this is where imagery can be a powerful tool for your landing page. Maybe something like this could be useful.

        Just like your customers will a/b test what gets them the most tips, you're going to need to a/b test what resonates with your language. "Apply the scientific method to your tipped income" didn't do it for me, but your explanation definitely did.

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          That picture is actually quite helpful. It is a lot easier to explain with questions or problems it solves. I have a new design in my head but I think I will work on it after I work on the actual product for a bit. Thank you for your help.