Building in Public February 17, 2021

My first day of #BuildingInPublic

Vadym Ovcharenko @vadymhimself

Hi, makers 👋

Today was my first day of #buildinginpublic

Cool stuff I learned today:

  • Ant Design Pro - Amazing Ract-based component system for complex dashboard-like SPAs
  • DVA - cool redux-based state management framework that combines best-practices in a concise manner
  • Building in Public - awesome ebook by @kevon69
  • Don't do static websites with jQuery even for prototyping, as it doesn't scale at all, and modern react setups can be started up as quickly
  • Need to grow my twitter following to get better feedback from the target audience

Cool stuff I did today:

Hope to share more tomorrow.

  1. 2

    Definitely not the last day. What are you going to build next?

    1. 1

      Thank you 🙏

      I am currently building a tool to boost productivity and save time for freelancers that could also be useful for agencies.

      The product is very early in dev, there’s no landing page even. But I will create a signup form once finished with some refactoring. (Maybe early next week)

      You can follow my progress in Twitter @vadymhimself ✌️

      I appreciate any feedback or advice.

  2. 2

    I'm glad you get started :)!

  3. 2

    Looking good! COngrats on taking the first step.

    1. 1

      Thank you @ksp! Excited to be part of the community.

  4. 2

    Hi Vadym... I am now a follower of your GigRadar progress...

    1. 1

      Hi @OpenlyLateDeveloper! Thank you, I’m proud to have you 😊🙌

      1. 2

        And I am excited to see where you are heading to... Aquired and integrated into LinkedIn, eventually? Wish you all the best.

        1. 1

          I was thinking about integrating LinkedIn before it happens haha 😆
          Thank you! You should follow on Twitter to get all the updates @vadymhimself

          1. 2

            That was my 'thinking things from the end' in action...

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