My first landing page

Hi all,

I've been doing development for some time. But this is the first time I made something on my own.
It's a SaaS targeted at developers, so the page is rather technical. I'm hoping everything is clear. 😅


I would love to get some feedback.

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      Yeah, that's a tough one...
      Before putting a potential price on it, I'm first looking for some more private beta testers.

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    Cool product 👍

    Perhaps consider making your H1 focus more strongly on the pain points your product addresses.

    To me pains around software docs are mostly about:

    • effort to maintain
    • confidence of accuracy
    • visibility (where code has recently changed but comments/docs haven’t)

    You already hint at the pain points within the page’s copy, so some of it is already there - it’s just buried.


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