July 16, 2020

My first landing page with Tailwind CSS


Oh boy, oh boy.

I just did my first landing page here: simple-web-analytics.com

It has all the usual yadda yadda yadda and honestly looks pretty cool. I am a backend developer and usually did frontend stuff with Bootstrap. It's alright and good for rapid development, but it in the end always looks so... Bootstrap. With tailwind CSS you can create your customized stuff and bring in your own design, it's pretty cool. Of course it's a little more work than just throwing together some Bootstrap components together and call it a day, but I actually did enjoy my short week of fiddling with design things. Usually I lie in job interviews about not dying when coding frontend stuff, but honestly Tailwind CSS made a really good job to mitigate everything I did not like so much about frontend development. It kind of gives you only the CSS properties you are supposed to touch and some documentation with simple examples. I am honestly not so sure why I think it's so much better than inline styling but it somehow is. If you don't like frontend give Tailwind CSS a try I'd say.

With something like bootstrap you also get pretty fast "stuck" at some learning stage but raw CSS was too "low level", for me at least. So it's pretty good to have some middle ground there.

And honestly - yes I am flattering myself - the landing page I did does look pretty cool: simple-web-analytics.com


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    Hi bro, you webpage looks cool and different at first look. But it is not very responsible. The mobile view is awfull, at least on my iphone 11. Tailwind is the perfekt framework for making responsible sites.

    1. 1

      There are people out there with different screen sizes than mine? Damn. Thanks, will take a look. Realized making it not horrible is not so much extra work :-)

      1. 1

        It's better now :-)

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