Design and UX October 23, 2020

My first Medium article was published on UX Collective 🎉


UX Collective is the largest design publication Medium, so it's pretty cool.

The article itself is an analysis about colors and Twitter profiles and how you can use them to stand out on others feed.

You can check it here 👉

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    Congrats! Read and love your article about colors. I'm no expert on this, just love to read about color theory/pyschology because it largely influences human behaviors.

    Would you mind giving honest feedback on my MVP landing page, I appreciate your feedback!

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      Hey @musado! Glad to like it!

      I've just take a look on your landing page and for me is everything clear. The only thing that could be changed is to reduce the saturation of the yellow gradient so that the pink button stands out more.

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        Thank you for your reply, Teodora. I'll pay more attention to the color saturation.

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    Any tips on how to get published via Medium magazines?

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      I would recomend this:

      • Find a magazin that your content may fit.
      • Usually they have some rules you may follow to write an article that fit with the magazine.
      • Send your article via an email the magazine provides or follow the instructions to publish.

      The most important is to analyze what type of content the magazine publishes so you can get more chances your article get published.

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