April 7, 2019

My first paying customer 🍾

Grant Kiely @gkiely

Hey guys, I've been pretty busy lately but I wanted to take the time to announce this one, my first paying customer for youneedawiki.com :)

I remember seeing other people's posts about getting customers and thinking it would never be possible for myself, but it is possible!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have, I still have a ways to go, but I plan on providing updates every month :)


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    Congratulations Grant and keep it coming!

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      Thanks @deifos will do!

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    Congrats. See you have unicorn in your logo.

    Same as myself on my newest platform - unicornseo.com

    Was lucky to get the domain name.

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    So happy for you!

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      Thank you :)))

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    Your UI illustration (is it what it's called?) looks really good. What tools did you use?

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    I like the idea but I have some questions while looking at the pricing page: What can a "user" do (edit files in google drive and have the change reflected in wiki page or read only)? In terms of implementation, is it more difficult for the plan to serve 75 users compared to 10 users?

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      Hi @shalltalk,
      You can invite either a reader or an editor and pricing is based on editors.
      In terms of implementation it is generally the same, but a little bit of increased support.

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        Thank you!

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    Great job Grant! :) Keep it up!

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      Thanks @ryanb58!

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    Congrats man! That must feel very good.

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      Thanks @balapa, it does :)

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    Congrats! How long did it take to get 1st paying customer?

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      After product launch it was about 2 months until the 1st.
      Building the initial app for launch took around 6 months.

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    Hey congratz!

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      Thank you 😎

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    Amazing! I would love to hear the story of how you got that first sale. That's a major milestone, congrats Grant!

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      Thanks Alex!
      I actually got an email from this user asking how they could upgrade.
      I didn't have a payment page in place so I stayed up late to get the stripe page up, sent the email that night and woke up to a sale :)

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        Haha wow! Congrats 👏 Thats kinda funny, why didnt you have payment page?

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          Because I'm a noob. That was definitely a bigger mistake of mine not having the payments ready for the PH launch, but lesson learned.

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            Alright, exciting that the customer wanted it so bad that they contacted you then 😄

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      Thanks Shun :)

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      Thank you 🙌

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    Congrats! That must feel so good!

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      Thanks @Fingel it's pretty great :)

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    Hey, congrats!

    I like the concept of you need a wiki too!

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      Thanks Rosie :D

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