My first product was nominated for the Design tool of the year!

I don’t understand how it came out, but my first product (qlo.morflax.com) is among the top 15 design tools and a finalist in this year's Golden Kitty Awards.

QLO is a browser-based 3D clothing mockup builder using digital avatars.

It is such an honor to be a finalist near those cool products. Thank you all for your support.

You can nominate it here:

Product website:

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    Voted it! I really like your work, the mockups on Morflax are gorgeous! Have you thought about creating this kind of avatar targeting GenZ (I'm thinking about something like Genies) or even create a whole world with it (Something like Chudo)?

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      Thank you, I really appreciate it. Yes, the vision is to create digital avatars platform in the future (for business, for design, and interaction), just going with the small steps to it.

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        Awesome, there's definitely the place for a new player in this space! Would be happy to talk further about it, I've just followed you on Twitter, feel free to send DM ! 😉

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          Thank you for your support, followed you too!

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    yea to be fair that is cool.

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    Probably cause it's super cool - how many people do you have using it and any plans to monetize it in the future?

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      Thank you! Yes, I'm planning to monetize it and have a lot of features to implement in the near future.

      So far, there are a few people who use it often and there are many who are waiting for the new features (because QLO is only in beta version). There are many things that need to be done for customers to start using it.

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    Very cool product. @thisaugis I'm interested in talking with you about your tool and see if we can use it on one of our sites.

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      Thank you! Just DM me on Twitter and we'll be able to chat about it.

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/this_augis

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        Will do. Did you base your software on clo3d?

        1. 1

          No, on Marvelous designer for now.

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