Growth May 28, 2020

My first Shopify revenue!! ($5.98)

Anthony Diké @antdke

Yesterday, I tried something new.

I opened up a Shopify store for my newsletter.

A few days ago, a reader asked me if I could create wallpapers for the newsletter brand.

It sounded like a good idea, so I made them.

I honestly wasn't expecting much when I plugged the store at the end of my most recent issue. And yesterday, 2 orders already.

(my tweet about it)

Going Forward

I figure that I'll use the Shopify store to house other digital products that I'll sell in the future: e-books, etc.

And as long as I continue to put out great content like this, then there will always be traffic going to the store.

Let's see what the future brings.

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    that's an awesome fan you have there! congrats!

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    Congratulations on the sale. 🎉

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    Huge congrats!!

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      thanks 🙂

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    Nice! Will definitely keep an eye out for your e-books 👀

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      thanks Alex 😁

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    This is great to see @antdke. Congrats on this first piece of revenue. Keep up the great work my man!

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      thanks Gordon, will do!

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    Congrats mate! If you ever have any questions about Shopify, feel free to DM me. I run a Shopify app: , so spend a fair bit of my time in the api/eco-system

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    Congrats! Very clever! Never would have thought of that as a content site. Any ideas on the next digital product you might sell?

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      thanks man! it’ll most likely be a book about a specific product development topic

      for Ex:

      “How to improve your creativity when building products and having ideas”

      “Best practices for Microcopy (UX copywriting)”