Content Marketing November 17, 2020

My first sign up!

Kevin Green @OSC

Recently I have gotten into Groovefunnels ( and I have been making great websites with it in covid-19.

In the GrooveFunnels suite of products, you can also be an affiliate and it is 100% free to do so.

So, I have been trying my very best to get as many sign up as I can... and I have just gotten my first signup, that is not a friend or family, so I am thrilled to get his working only after a short time of having Groovefunnels (

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    Affiliate marketing is a really great way to drive some income honestly.
    Glad to see that you are hustling, @OSC.

    I might probably have an affiliate program for my product, ruttl as well. If you are interested, do check out the product by signing up on this link.

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      Thanks for the vote of confidence!

      The real trick that I am still trying to work out is how to get good traffic as cheap as possible and when possible, some times free

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        Absolutely bang on. Keep at it!

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    If you are wondering what GrooveFunnels is, find out here:

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