April 25, 2019

My first techcrunch contributor post

Zack Burt @CodeForCash

Hey everyone, I just had my first piece accepted to techcrunch and wanted to share my process. https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/24/how-to-source-hard-to-fill-programming-positions/

It’s for their new extracrunch section. Paywall, subscription content… But right now they are eagerly bringing on new contributors and the barrier to getting published is lower! So, highly recommended!

Started by drafting a linkedin piece and then sent a letter to the editor offering to give it to TC instead. The team there was super professional and really helped me improve the article, both through editing and suggesting areas for expansion

Also if anyone happens to be interested in the content itself I have their blessing to just dm a pdf that doesn’t require paywall. Their term is that I’m allowed to republish anywhere else in 7 days as long as I link back to the original post (presumably for SEO reasons).

For the cartoon image, I hired loraine yow whom i was referred to thru IH's very own @mtlynch!

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    Congrats :)

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      Thanks! I initially wanted to hire some PR firms and even budgeted for that. But i mean, a few people were pretty helpful with advice. Publicize.co told me to clean up the Crunchbase page (good idea, why not). And that led to me thinking about turning some linkedin content i built for our sales process, into a techcrunch article. had some good inspiration from ewing gillaspy whom i met on linkedin as well.

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    Congrats on getting this published, Zack!

    That cartoon looks great. Glad you had a good experience with Loraine.

    Can you email me the PDF?

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      absolutely. my buddy ewing gillaspy (who i met on linkedin) actually helped me with the concept of the cartoon. he might hire loraine too for a project he's working on

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    Do they pay?
    And what do you feel is the benefit of writing for them?

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      No they do not pay contributors to EC but it's a great trade for both parties

      You get Social proof, lead generation, networking, credibility, authority

      And they get pageviews, shares, backlinks, and new subscriptions

      Getting paid for the article would be like picking up pennies in front of a steamroller for the money rather than doing it to impress all your friends with your bravery

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