My Gamification SaaS landing page is online

Update from Just Gamification product page:

Creating a SaaS to engage your users with Gamification looks attractive to me, and I'd like to invest some more time in exploring this idea.

The best way to start a new journey like this is to build a product you are interested in. It's too frustrating to work on something you don't enjoy.

So I bought the domain justgamification.com and set up a Landing Page.

The Next steps are starting to get some feedback on the idea and beginning to engage with people interested in the project, which can help with insights and their point of view.

The short term goals are creating a community, and to do that, the plan is:

  • growing a mailing list
  • setting up a Blog on Gamification

That will be the key for the next phase: Building a great MVP.

What are your thoughts on the Landing Page? Anything you would improve?
What would you focus on for the MVP?

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    Hey @luduvigo,

    some quick thoughts for the landing page:

    I know you don't have a real product yet, but maybe highlight the future benefits and value it's going to bring? "Gamification as a Service" is a bit generic and right now I don't know what to expect from it if I sign up. There's not that much to get me excited.

    It doesn't have to be final or polished, just a few points how you'll bring value. Make it concrete. And just draw some quick visuals to demonstrate what you mean. Maybe something along the lines of this: https://www.plecto.com/contests/

    And under point 3 there seems to be placeholder text still in place.

    Gamification is a big trend so you're in a great space! Best of luck.

    1. 1

      Thank you so much, Timo.
      I am working on that part, and I agree that it's not yet engaging for the readers.
      Thank you for the exciting benchmark you shared with me.
      Any other suggestion on how to proceed next?

      I fixed the placeholder text.
      Thank you

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        For the MVP I'd say just keep it simple and focus on the top 3 features and how they add value for your customers. You could even test it out with your landing page. Put 3 features + value proposal there and see if people sign up.

        I'll be happy to provide feedback when you have that 😊

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    I feel it's missing what gamification is (for the product) and how it will add value (benefits) for the potential customer.
    Anyway, it's an interesting concept that almost every product should pay attention to.
    Congrats for the initiative.

    1. 1

      Hey @thiaguitsu,
      thank you for the super useful insight.

      I have the same feeling, the copy is still not to the point and everything looks to vague and not applicable.

      What you'll focus on to achieve this result?

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    Interesting idea. I know it's just your landing page so maybe you're using no-code, but it would be cool if you gamified the page itself - points for each second I'm on the page, points for clicking, big points for putting in my email, all to cleverly demonstrate the value: this landing page is addicting because it's gamified! Could make it really shareable in addition to boosting conversion rates.

    1. 1

      Hey @tstew161, nice idea.
      I'll give it a shot.

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    This comment was deleted 25 days ago.

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