My Glide app got sponsored by American Express (!)

I started #comeCDMX a few days, an app for Mexico City's restaurants that are still open during lockdown because of COVID-19, and want to keep operating through curbside pick-up or delivery in order to keep jobs.

Some restauranteurs were doing a shared Google Sheet list, and I offered them to make an app from this through my business lowcode.agency.

It quicky became a team effort from my side, as well as food personalities. The tourism board of CDMX found out, liked the idea and was on board the project right away. The tourism director went to the press (radio, TV and online) and spoke about the app and the #comeCDMX movement.

Their pinned tweet has the Glideapp link!

Luckily, the thing got a lot of positive press, and we quickly grew the list of active restaurants to over 1,550 in just a few days. The Google Search has over 350 hits.

The Glide team graciously extended the limit of rows in the free version to keep the app working.

A couple of days later, someone involved in all of this asked me if we could use the map view, add a domain, etc; so, pretty much, go PRO and add a bunch of ideas to the project. I mentioned that it would require time from my side, and money, from a sponsor.

Somehow, American Express found about the project (from the above mentioned guy), and through their Small Business Program, they decided to sponsor the #comeCDMX app just today!! It's just a little money to pay for Glide Pro, Integromat and a mailing tool, but I'm really really excited about all this and wanted to share.

Check out the app here: comeCDMX.glideapp.io

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    Congrats. Good work gets noticed.

  2. 1

    "Some restauranteurs were doing a shared Google Sheet list, and I offered them to make an app from this through my business lowcode.agency."


  3. 1

    That’s an amazing story! Thanks so much for sharing and for helping all those restaurants 👏🏻

    Big win for #nocode

    1. 1

      Thanks Bryce! Go #nocode!

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    thats amazing !! great story. GOAT on his way

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    ¡Felicidades y buena suerte!

  6. 1

    Hola Amigo! Good News!

  7. 1

    That's actually awesome! It's so cool seeing no-code apps helping local communites and cities. Side note, I love Mexico City, I can't wait to visit again soon :)

    1. 1

      Yes! No-code is here to stay, and getting more powerful by the day.
      Go back to MX City! I miss tacos!

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