Landing Page Feedback January 17, 2020

My Illustration Landing - feedback please


I will be glad to receive your feedback on landing pages and illustrations.

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    I don't like to get reminded that "Our site uses cookies." with every load page!

    The "Our site uses cookies." bubble is blocking the the purchase $19 button.

    "Create associations with your website presentation or application." not layered properly.

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      "Our site uses cookies." - definitely needs to be improved. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Hey ! This is what I noted.

    • The heading, caption and the button text, keep disappearing and re-appearing .So when I first clicked on the link the entire hero section appeared to be empty.

    • The hero section can be made more compact too.You could reduce the size of the heading and reduce the whitespace.

    • The section where you have shown the illustrations on slanted app & tablet screens, doesn't work well in the mobile view.All the screens seem to be piled up on each other.

    • In the section where you have shown illustration examples on cards , the no. of illustrations can be reduced or presented differently (through a gallery maybe?) as it takes a lot of scrolling to finally get to the important information which is the pricing plan. * This is especially frustrating in the mobile view as there is too much unnecessary scrolling.*

    • You should include the CTA button in the middle sections as well.

    I hope this helps.



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      Hello Dhiksha! Thank you very much for your feedback. I really appreciate your help.

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        The illustrations look great btw !

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          thank you!