April 20, 2019

My journey to $10K MRR

Val 波 Claritask @valsopi

Hey fellow indie hackers/makers, I have just started a new Podcast where I am documenting my journey to $10K MRR with Claritask.com. Here's my very first episode: https://share.transistor.fm/s/c99b8d3d

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    Nice work! 🙌

    “We need more bootstrappers sharing their journey.” – Ben Orenstein

    Podcasting is a long game, but it has numerous benefits.

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      Thanks tons for the support, Justin!

      Yup, already have the calendar in place. Hoping to keep this up every Friday with updates about my journey to $10K MRR with Claritask.

      The cool thing that happened was that as I was recording, I felt as if reporting to a board of directors whom I cannot let down... What I want to say is that, it's increasing my accountability towards self and listeners alike. Something super unexpected that I love actually.

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    Go go go!

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      Muchas gracias Åke!

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    Hey val, nice job with the podcast, I will follow your progress and wish you the best on the journey.

    I would suggest to improve the sound of the podcast there was some distracting scratching sound. Maybe check with @mijustin or @csallen what kind of equipment they use for theirs, their Podcast's sound is usually pretty good.

    Keep it up man, looking forward to the next episode!

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      Thanks tons for the encouragement, Vladimir!

      Yes, the sound is super bad. I am recording with my regular corded iPhone ear buds. I tried to normalize the sound a bit on garageBand, but it's super hard when the original one is not the best :)

      I'm looking into some equipment I can afford as we speak.

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        I have some good budget microphone suggestions here: