Landing Page Feedback March 23, 2020

🎉 My Landing Page - Beta version

Diane B @Diane2109

Hi Everyone 👋,
I am launching my landing page (a beta version). It is really simple for now without a lot of description.
I will add all the features in a while but I really needed to communicate about it.
What do you think?
Thank you for your feedbacks!

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    It's really simple and looks pretty good, but I didn't get what your service is about.

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      Ok! Thank you very much @Inflight. It is a very light version and I am working on the longer version!

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        Looking forward to it! :)

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    This is an extremely pedantic concern so please don't take it too seriously -

    The html title has a heart in it, it looks a bit off since it's transparent whereas the logo before the text is coloured.

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      just out of curiousity for my own sake...what, according to you, should be correct?

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        My first instinct is to put it in the same color as the logo or a classical red. There is a chance the author tried coloured hearts and decided against it.

        This really is a minor nitpick.

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          Thanks for the answer, it helps me too. always learning

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            Hi @vhanda, Hi @JMarceloFig,
            Well, I especially choose the empty heart because of the shape that looks prettier and because it is really rare to see it somewhere. It could become the "sign" of Peerce. Moreover, I feel like a colored heart in the title of a HTML page looks cheap...
            Thank you anyways for your feedbacks!

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          Amazing. On my site I make sure all the hearts we use are the same color as the text, I spent a long time figuring out how to prevent emoticons from being rendered by browsers.
          I suppose mine was a major nitpick.

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    Hey @Diane2109 congrats

    The design is fine and nice interface

    Value proposition -> not quite such what does "most" means and would be nice to start highlighting use case and features.

    I'm also revamping my side project, would be great to hear your advice

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      Hi @felix12777, I looked at your landing page. The product is really interesting.
      In terms of design, I would make the logos of the companies that support you at the bottom of the screen (when you just open the website) and hide "With Zlides, it is simple" to discover it when you scroll down. And some images (black and white) are pixelated.
      And finally, I would put more space between each part, to make it more clean!
      The content is pretty clear and straightforward!

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        Awesome @Diane2109 thanks for your feedback!

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    Pretty clear. Nice minimal design with style. It makes me think of the Superhuman mail app. As you mentioned, features will help distinguish what you are offering.

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      Yes exactly! Thank you for your feedback @createwithflow!

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    Looks clean to me but could do with some clarity on what exactly you did with emails. Not bad for a start!

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      Thank you very much @jjmea. It is a light version and I am working on the longer version!

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    It looks great but your landing page tells me nothing about your product. What does "most" mean? The screenshot makes it look like the product is... an email skin? At the very least, should be a descriptive one-liner about your product somewhere on the page.

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      Hello @lexhaynes, thank you for your comment! Peerce is indeed an email app alike. We want to automatize, make it simpler, easier, quicker some gestures you are used to with emails.
      I am going to release a longer landing page with many details in the coming weeks!

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    The design is really nice and straightforward. Keep up the good work.

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      Thank you very much @wizbo6! I'll do my best 😃

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    Hi Diane :)

    I think the product is gonna be great only by looking at your wireframe.
    My personal opinion is that the landing page already looks great and you could leave it as it is for now.

    Maybe a good to have is some benefits of why would I use this product.
    Check out this product I found on producthunt -
    It exactly demonstrates what I want to say.


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      Thank you very much for your feedback @scooch! I will release a longer version soon, thank you again :)

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    Hey. I believe Peerce is an email app similar to Superhuman? Definitely add at least a few interesting bits that would make the users stick and sign up for early access.

    Even if you don't have a product (yet), emphasize what's going to be different about Peerce and how it would help me.

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      Hello @flow34, thank you for your comment. Peerce is indeed an email app alike. However, we are not trying to solve the same problems as Superhuman, we choose to focus on very specific tasks that are time consuming and lead to a lack of productivity. We want to automatize, make it simpler, easier, quicker some gestures you are used to.
      I am going to release a longer landing page with many details in the coming weeks!

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    I really love the name but don't really understand what it's about. Maybe give people lainding on a bit more info so you can encourage email signups?

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      Hi @ValCanBuild, Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I'm happy that you enjoy the name. I will soon release a longer version of the landing page with more details about the features of the product! Have a nice week and stay safe!

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    More information needed to make me consider giving out my email to get early access 🤷‍♂️

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      Thank you for your feedback. I will push another landing page in a few days! Thank you very much

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    There is nothing to discuss, so far looks good.

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      Great! Thank you @JanBrus! 😊

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    There is little direction on what service you offer. A little more specific value proposition will be great.

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      Thank you @shiva_prabhakaran for your feedback. The details of the features are on their way!

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    Looks, Good Diane. Of course, over and beyond what has been mentioned in other comments, the Get Early Access button changes color when it is clicked and it's not easy to read.

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      Thank you for your feedback @manishb01! It's strange because on my screen whether it is on Chrome or Safari, the color of the button changes but really lightly so it does not bother for reading...

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    Bit nitpicky, but the sentence:

    "You've never been such productive working with emails" is grammatically incorrect!

    The overall design looks clean though! Gotta give more info before I'll request access :)

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      Hi @fedeguss, thank you for your feedback! I changed the sentence. (I am French so sometimes I make some mistakes oops).
      I will add the features really soon!

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    Agree with @Inflight.

    I would love to know a little bit more about how I will get the most out of my email before requesting access. :-)

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      Thank you very much @mizan. Yes I understand. It's a lighter version because the longer one is not responsive yet and I want to be sure about the features I will propose with some more customer interviews.