Landing Page Feedback October 20, 2020

My landing page is just too awesome. Can it be better?

Gio Manvelishvili @giomanveli

I'm in particular happy with the page but accidental visitors from Twitter never ever convert.

What would you improve at

The gut feeling tells me that the copy is just too long and I'd better shorten it for mobile devices.

Just tell me the truth 🎁

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    I dunno how the Landing Page was when you first posted this but other than the font, I think it's great. I think I understood what your product does, so maybe the "weak positioning" you mentioned on Twitter may no longer be applicable?

    I'm not a fan of "ToDo list helping you focus on what matters", but I doubt that's the reason why it wasn't converting. Ideally, you want to write copy that can't be copied (not check) that captures the value proposition (check). "The todo list that filters what you shouldn't do", is more enticing, IMO, as any todo list can argue it helps you focus what matters but only yours prevents me from focusing on what doesn't matter.

    By the way, Microsoft Todo, based on Wunderlist has a very similar feature called My Day, where it actually suggests you things to do from your backlog.

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      I actually have not published live the changes yet so you saw the original page.

      Man, you gave me absolutely different communication angle. Brilliant idea. Thank you for the analysis and recommendations! 🙌🙌🙌

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    Biggest design problem: Typography.

    Switch from a monospace font to any normal sans-serif font.

    Inter or Roboto would be fine here.

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      Is monospace font harder to read? Looks cool by the way, and thanks for little copy optimizations 👍

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        Monospaced fonts, in general, are not used for typesetting, other than very specialized purposes.

        They're great for numerals, callouts, and code, but not much else.

        If you like this particular font, use it sparingly to call attention to very specific items. It can be leveraged very easily to draw attention to a quote or maybe even the features in a pricing page, for example, since monospaced fonts are not common.

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          I agree with @futhey. Monospaced fonts remind me of coding and monospaced fonts in landing pages remind me of niche products to niche coders, as even mainstream products to coders, like npm, github and Stripe don't use that font.

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          I like the way this font reminds coding as if setting up todo items you have a feeling of coding.

          Thanks for explanation, makes lots of sense!

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    Ah man, I'd like this thing to work out. Your landing page uses a lot of the right approaches: it contrasts between what people might be moving away from and talking about the struggles they might be feeling with those other tools, it shows how your tool can capture random side thoughts, and that letter in the middle builds on the human connection.

    And yet, people can "hire" the idea without "hiring" the tool. They can use their existing text document or todo list to implement (or at least try) the idea. You're in competition with pen and paper, Taskpaper, the notes app on their phone, so many alternatives.

    I don't think the struggles you're highlighting are felt strongly enough to clear the gravity-well pull of the "I'll just" statements in the mind of the visitor.

    There's not enough buyer momentum to make this product work, and I don't know what you can do to pivot.

    But maybe you have ideas, given that lens I'm presenting. Hope that helps.

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      Love your comment! You gave my lots of food for thought. Thanks!

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    Your gut is right, it needs a tiny bit reduction in text. However, the design is clean and not too whitespacy or distracting. Good job!

    1. I wouldn't put a full stop after an emoji
    2. Looks like the spellchecker missed the "comming soon" above Seamless Sync :)
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      Thanks for confirming! Grammarly missed the badge for real 😳

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        Nah you're good man, it happens with the best of us and you're welcome. All the best with your project.

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    I read the whole thing and I saw quite a few English grammar errors/typos throughout the page - even on the coming soon badge. I'd hire a copywriter.

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      Oh, what a shame! Grammarly didn't help :) Thanks for the note

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    That's a lot of text, and the Excel screenshot doesn't help.

    Are people converting from other platforms?

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      Weirdly but Desktops kinda read all the page and convert better. The thing is with mobiles and people from Twitter, who basically are mostly mobile users. I think I’ll remove the long story for mobile users.

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    Hey @giomanveli

    Nice landing page, but It's not clear what your product does.
    I saw that it integrate with todoist, trello and so. What your app really does?
    Is it an todo-list app? is it and goal tracker?

    • Make it explicit at the beginning of your page.
    • These part from "Break down huge goals in threes" to "Seamless Sync" is much more clear than your hero or your first description.
    • Your history is nice, but its to long and would fit better at the end of your page, or at an about us page or something like that.
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      Good to know! Thanks for such a detailed feedback - this is golden, goonna try it now

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