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💪My Last Reddit Ad Got 600+ Upvotes and Resulted in A Large Number of Email Signups

Falak Sher @FalakDigital

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Has anyone had much success with Reddit ads? by @defex

My last Reddit Ad got 600+ upvotes and resulted in a large amount of email signups.

My tips:

  • Use a personal Reddit account (as long as you have nothing to hide). Business accounts are not personal and will immediately be flagged by the community as spam.
  • Be empathetic! No one likes to see ads, let alone the same ad 100+ times. Your ad campaign should evolve over time. Build a narrative through it. I went from marketing taglines to apologizing for the ad and showing a cat within 3 weeks. The latter was the best converting by far.
  • Engage the community in the comments section of your ad. Adds to the level of transparency that you offer (you're a human, too), even if the engagement is mostly negative.
  • Launch with a few ad variations - image / no image / short text / long text / etc

Use a website profiler to find quality prospects

Services like BuiltWith and NerdyData allow you to identify websites that use specific technologies. If you know the technologies that your target market uses, you can leverage these services to find people who may be interested in your product, along with their approximate spend and traffic volume. And if your competitor's product is a technology that is inserted into websites, you can even find out exactly who their customers are. Use the information you garner to identify quality prospects, then find a contact person on LinkedIn or track down an email address on services like Hunter. Reach out and let them know how your product could be a perfect fit for their company.

Learning how to learn as a developer by @matthieuCneude

  • Learning includes understanding, remembering, and applying knowledge in different situations (transfer).
  • Ask yourself these important questions: why do you want to learn? How much do you want to learn? What do you want to achieve with t11his knowledge?
  • Having an environment free of distraction and applying the 5 minutes rule can help you to get started.
  • Choose the learning material considered good by the majority of your peers.
  • Go through it, and try to practice the knowledge gained as soon as you can.
  • Test your new knowledge to be sure you really learned it, and to bring the new knowledge in your long term memory.
  • Seek internal and external feedback. Train yourself to squeeze as much as you can from them.

Which Secrets Manager to use? by @adkandari

For context - Secrets Manager enables you to replace hardcoded credentials in your code with an API call to Secrets Manager to retrieve the secret programmatically. Also, you can configure Secrets Manager to automatically rotate the secret for you according to a schedule that you specify. Some of them are

1. How to finish your side project by @estebanjo

2. How to be a more consistent creator by @joshspector


  • - easy-to-use and beautifully designed HTML themes by @braydentw
  • - unlimited Web and Mobile development for a fixed monthly fee by @sandrom
  • - makes your data easy to understand with a single line of integration and AI-powered solutions to convert more, no-setup required by @emiratli248
  • Sametable - a simple way to manage tasks and projects on anything, and assign them to anyone with the familiarity of a spreadsheet by @kilgarenone
  • - choose the best university for you by @aryaminus
  • - on-demand YouTube thumbnail surveys to help YouTubers use more clickable thumbnails and get more views by @yang
  • - affordable social media management platform by @mani_smhack

1 / 38+ lessons learned bootstrapping company of one from 0$ to $9k MMR & A/B test your CTA with 1st person perspective

2 / SaaS makers: 6 reasons why you should verify user's email & how to prevent automated sign-ups from bots

3 / 19 quick tips learned from a lot of A/B testing & how to do smooth transaction when a big company wants to buy your app

4 / (Gold) Make you cold outreach more effective with pre-targeting & Increase retention by upselling users to an annual plan a few months after signup

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  1. 2

    Great work Falak! Love it :)

  2. 2

    Haha, cat pictures work like a charm!

    1. 1

      Everyone loves cats. But Redditors have extra love for cats.

  3. 2

    Cool Idea about Reddit! I'll have to consider some ads.

  4. 1

    Falak this is so awesome. I am looking into doing a Reddit Ad for Do you know if Reddit Ads are able to be promoted to a specific group?

    1. 1

      I have never run Reddit ads. but I am thinking to run next month (not sure)

      P.S Good luck. I really want you to succeed.

  5. 1

    Something that tripped me up when I started reddit ads is this:

    The UI (at least last time I tried) lets you enter a CPC bid under $0.10. Then you leave your ads running with some supposedly smaller bid of say $0.02. You come back a few days later and see that you blew $0.10 on each click.

    Happened to me twice before I realized that they enforce a minimal bid of $0.10 per click. Keep this in mind when planning your campaign budgets.

    1. 1

      Yup, miminum bid is $0.10.

  6. 1

    That's pretty cool! I'll try it out sometime

    1. 1

      Don't forget to share your results.

    1. 2

      Keep working. As you release more themes, you will be featured again and again.

      1. 2

        Thanks :)

        I’m working on another one this weekend.

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