Growth September 16, 2020

My new health product launch 🎉 Staying healthy in these corona times! 💪


Hey everyone, my name is Andrei!

As a developer, I am quite sedentary and relied on going to work to get enough steps to stay reasonably healthy. As we know, that's all out the window since coronavirus, especially where I live where there is still a curfew and lockdown!

To get some exercise in at home I started watching youtube videos, but often found that the ordering of the exercises got tiring after 10+ repeats! I searched around for fitness apps, but didn't find one that combined a good workout customisation feature, as well as socials/gamification.

The benefit of being home all the time is productivity though, so I started on an MVP in April for and am at a point where I'd love feedback on what works and doesn't work!

It's a web app that allows you to do workouts online (desktop/mobile supported), and connect with friends.

So far pocketrocket does:

  • Quick premade workouts
  • Customise your own workouts
  • Choose from two different workout instructors (that was fun to organise!)
  • Simple friend management, leaderboard
  • Dashboard with your exercise stats.

As I mentioned, I would love feedback, either product or otherwise. I've developed the platform myself, and am getting my head around sales+marketing now.
Feel free to feedback in the app, or shoot an email to [email protected]

Thanks everyone, lets get through these dark times together! :D

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    Hey man, nice idea and functionality. only comment would it looks very developery and you could prob get a designer to give it some polish on the edges. good luck with the building

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    Nice start @Andrei1. Having spent the past 9+ years in digital fitness I can certainly say it is an exploding area. The primary service I founded was called RockMyRun ( which has grown to 20M+ users, though I also launched (

    Two bits of feedback:

    1. Really focus in on your target market. Fitness is naturally very goal oriented. People generally either want to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain what they have. Consider nichifying your product to address one of those.

    Also - something to consider is that 70%+ of the fitness market is female. It comes as a shock to most people, but generally speaking women spend much more on fitness than men.

    1. The "get home workouts" space crowded with big players (Nike, UnderArmour), well-funded startups (Aaptiv, FitOn, 8fit) and free sources (YouTube). Really hone in on your differentiation and speak to users to ensure that your differentiation resonates with them.

    Best of luck! Given my experience in the space happy to help however I can

    1. 1

      Fantastic advice, thank you very much!

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    Hi, cool site. The pricing link at the top didn't work when I clicked on it.

    What programming language did you write it in?

    1. 1

      typescript/react with serverless framework and aws cdk

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    Nice idea, good luck with it!

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    Good one. Fitness helps you stay productive

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    Nice one.. is there a mobile app? @Andrei1

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      The website has responsive design, but an android skin courtesy of google bubblewrap is on the way :)

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    Nice idea :) How do you plan to promote it?

    1. 1

      I plan to promote through posts (like these), paid ads, and promotions through influencers.

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    Out of curiosity, how are you addressing the MDR (Medical Device Regulations)? :-) I cofounded a digital health product last year and I'm looking for feedback from other founders :-)

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