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My New Side Projects Stack

Stefan Wuthrich @altafino


I'm Stefan, Maker of some job boards for developers like and the underlying

For about 2 months I'm working on my new side project, named Kunven, which is in Esperanto "Come together".
Kunvenu is a simplified Social Media Marketing Publisher Tool, optimized for working in Teams.

It allows sharing accounts between team members.

I use more or less same Stack like with boardengine projects:

  • Go for backend services and engines
  • ArangoDB for the document store
  • Redis for authentication and authorization rules
  • Nsq as Message Queue
  • Rancher 1.x as Docker Management (have plan to move to k8s after vacations)
  • Vue / JavaScript for Frontend
  • Different to boardengine I use now Bulma, not more Bootstrap, and I like it
  • Dedicated Server & Cloudflare

Looking for Beta Users:

As I do this as a Side Project I need some interested Beta Users.
The deal is easy, please have a look Kunvenu
You get a Free Life for Life Time Account or 50% discount on Pro/Enterprise Plan. During Beta as long you give me valuable input all for free:

What's your Side Project? Which Stack you use?


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    Really interesting stack and neat product! Do you have experience in other backend languages other than Go? Any reason why you chose Go?

    Current stack:

    • Database: MySQL (operational data) and Cassandra (external data sources not provided by end users)
    • Database DDL and data engineering scripts: Python
    • Backend/REST API: Python/Flask
    • Frontend: React with MaterialUI (unsure if I'll be sticking with MaterialUI but I like it so far)
    • Authentication: Haven't gotten to this part yet but probably Firebase (will likely leverage it for database hosting as well). Open to suggestions though
    • Hosting: TBD

    I program in Python for my day job hence the heavy Python presence in the tech stack.

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      so, back online :-)
      Interesting stack. I have plans to do something with Python and Flask or Python in the future.

      To your questions...
      Yes, I have experience with C#, Java, yeah and PHP and of course JS/Node.
      Why I choose Go. In the company I work for we were early adopters of Go and I got in love with it. Mainly tooling, it's simplicity and clearness, strongly typed, scalability.
      But as I wrote, i will for sure also give a more serious try to Python in another project.

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        Neat, thanks for the response!

        And that makes sense! They say Python is the second best language for everything, so I've been tempted to try another language that's better for back-end relating code (not necessarily for my side projects, but rather just for fun). I might give Go a shot!

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      Tks for your comment. Will answer you later.

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    I love Go :)

    I am also working on my side project for testing REST API endpoints and also use Go on the backend side. Stack I use:

    • Go
    • Postgres
    • Foundation, HTML/CSS
    • GCP
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    I love Vue.

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      yeah, me too. not overloaded but powerfull enough. at least for my projects I never came to a point where I missed something.

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    For my current project I'm using Python/Django for the backend, Vue+Bootstrap for the frontend and PostgreSQL as the database, all running on a DigitalOcean VPS.

    I occasionally throw Go into the mix if the project warrants it (concurrency or higher performance whan what Python could give me).

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      Yeah, as I wrote in a previous answer some posts up here, I will also give a serious try to Python/Django or Flask.

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    Graph Databases are awesome. ArangoDB as a database choice of yours is awesome.

    I would keep mine as the following:

    1. Backend Server:
    a) One back-end for Server-Side Rendering pages using Fastify and Preact.
    b) Another GraphQL server using Go for GraphQL APIs. Separation distributes the load between the two.
    c) Proxying Google Analytics APIs using the Golang server.
    d) Redis for authentication and authorization

    2. Database:
    a) Neo4J with GraphQL plugin

    3. Front-End:
    a) Preact + Redux-Zero + Wouter + micro-graphql-preact(i ported the react one to preact) as a framework for writing code fast. All of these are server-side rendered
    b) Custom styles using SCSS. I don't like CSS-in-JS and use it only when necessary.

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      Thanks for sharing your interesting stack and explications.
      when you use Preact, you go with JS or TS?

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        Typescript. Once you enter TS Land, JS hurts you a lot after that. Preact has excellent support for Typescript.

        I am developing a Preact framework of my own like Nextjs for SSR. I think Preact should be the default framework of choice for every project. Community support is although not so good.

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          Cool, that would be my next question... how TS is supported by now.
          When I last time did a project with React, about 1 year ago, TS support was very weak and all documentation in JS, so a bit kind of frustrating if main goal is to get fast to results.
          Will give preact with ts a try another day.