Developers May 31, 2020

My NPM package is being used by Amazon AWS SDK

Mathias Lykkegaard Lorenzen @ffMathy

So this is pretty cool...

I woke up to figuring out that Amazon AWS Chime's SDK is using my NPM package 😎

I just wanted to share that - super excited about it!

You can use it too - it has helped me quite a lot in terms of mocking/faking. I think it has a quite clean way of doing things.

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    Hi Mathias, and congratulations! Sounds like AWS agrees that your package has a clean way of doing things.

    Two questions, if you don't mind:
    How did you figure out that Chime's SDK depends on your package?
    How have you grown the community around your package (3k weekly downloads on NPM)?

    Thank you!

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      1. GitHub has an "Insights" page where you can see dependent packages and projects, where I (by chance) stumbled upon AWS on the list:

      2. I started programming when I was around 12. I have since worked on more than 300+ projects and libraries. I share most of it as open-source and contribute to a lot of other projects, so that must be how it got attention. If you try 300+ times, I guess you hit jackpot once in a while. I don't do it for profit, I do it because programming is my main hobby, and because I can't stop doing it - I think that factor is important too. It's the best source of motivation.

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        Good. Congratulations!!

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          Thank you! ❤

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            Congrats man, your story is exactly as mine, started very young, but I'm not so interested in creating libraries. But pretty dope that AWS uses your package.

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        I appreciate the response. As someone who uses open-source all the time, I'm super grateful to all the folks, like yourself, that contribute and ask for nothing in return. Glad to hear that it's paying you back full-circle.

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    Neat! I checked your github / read your Medium article and your library looks awesome, man. I'll definitely try it out, since it'll help me get rid of a bunch of boilerplate code. My favorite parts were the "mimicks()" and the interface mocking. Great idea and props on AWS using it!

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      Thank you very much! If you are a JavaScript dev, I can also recommend my IOC/DI framework for TypeScript.

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        Yeah, I haven't done any C# in the last couple of years, mostly python these days for the backend. BTW, I just checked IOC/DI, looks pretty cool too. Just wondering how would I mock the injection with your testing library? An example would be cool. Keep up the great work!!

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          Simply register the fakes into the IOC container - that's how you typically do such things.

          Alternatively use:

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            Awesome, thanks for the follow-up! :)

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    Really cool! Tillykke 😁

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      Mange tak 😉

      Your product looks really cool by the way! I'll definitely check it out soon!

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        Thanks a lot 😊