Landing Page Feedback March 24, 2020

My page is not converting well. Any thoughts and advise ?


Hi everyone,

Here is my landing page and it is not converting as I hoped it would.

My guess is that I'm not targeting correctly/the right people or I'm missing information on my landing page. So I would love to get your advise.

Thank you very much for your feedbacks ūüôĆ

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    I would take a really good look at platforms like and how they describe their product and the problems it solves, as there is quite a bit of overlap between your products.

    The illustrations used aren't beneficial. I'm not even really sure what I'm looking at, so it's really more meaningless fluff than value graphics.

    The copy can be presented in a much more digestible manner, and can be greatly improved from a clarity standpoint.

    Overall, there isn't any real depth to your site. Although I understand that this is likely just an MVP, there just isn't much content here to really get me interested in the product.

    Lastly, this is simply my personal preference, but I rarely try out products that require a lot of my time before I even get access. You might see a stronger conversion rate if you deliver all of your onboarding questions post sign-up. As a user, I don't really care to answer a survey, although I understand the benefit on your end. But I just want to experience the product, nothing more.

    Best of luck!

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      Hi again. I pushed a new version. i love what fullstory is doing but as you mentioned, I'm starting off so it's relatively difficult to get images / nice 3D illustrator images. Anyway, if you have some time, let me know if the structure and wording is clearer.

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      wow, thank you for this thorough feedback. Really appreciate it. I will closely look into this.

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    @konradholubek if you write e-mail and click get started there is no way to fillup the form ?;) - it's refreshing page after that.

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      that was an important one : thank you ! problem solved

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      Yeah, probably that's why :)

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    What are your current conversion numbers? (also what are you measuring, email sign ups?)

    Much of your text is wordy and complicated. For instance, you could just remove this from the first paragraph:

    Emosio is a data integration platform for all your customer verbatims that combines, cleans and categorizes all sources of voice of customer data.

    You say there is no technical knowledge needed and then go on to use a bunch of technical terms in the same paragraph. A non technical person wouldn't know what this means:

    Emosio handles all connections via API, ftp or databases. Moreover, Emosio uses built-in deep learning NLP algorithms to categorize verbatims by touchpoints, subjects and emotions.

    Focus less on what it does and instead on the benefits it has for users.

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      ok @asebold, I just pushed a new version with less words, and by adding a screen shot.

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      Thank you @asebold for taking your time and for your feedback.

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    It's because as a visitor you need to put effort into understanding what it is about.

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      Thanks. I have now really cut down the words/wording.

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        Best of luck Konrad!

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    I agree with @asebold , your copy is using complex wording and the hero section paragraph is way too long. Cut the redundant words that don't bring much value and use synonym words to simplify the message.

    Give your users some call to action at the end of the page, don't leave them asking, ok what should I do next. Otherwise, they will just leave and not look back. It could be something as simple as "Want to learn more? Just click the blue icon on the right to get in touch! or "get a free advice on how our product can help your team (insert problem)."

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      Thanks @tomswebdesign. Just added a button at the end and changed the wording. I really like your idea of "get free advise"... have to think about how I can use that.

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    One of the things I noticed is there's no example or screenshot. Adding this will be for the better.

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      Yeah, I had the same thought, a video showing the product might also help if that is possible.

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      Done ! thanks for the feedback @hvzhim. I just pushed a new version

      PS : video is a good idea @nonken but not easy at this stage as all the magic happens in the backend, with our deep learning algorithms. But will think about it.

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    Hey @konradholubek - great launching

    Two things you might want to consider:

    1. Allocate resources on the right distribution channel, would be great if you can mention here so we can analyze
    2. The Why and features are nice - but it's still hard to tell the difference between before and after using your product

    I'm also working hard on that for my site, keen to hear your advice :)

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    Hey, if you are still struggling with it , you can reach out to me over mail. Would be glad to connect!

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    Your landing page is pretty clear according to me even if you could improve a bit the design (I feel like I don't get what you provide fast enough).
    Apart from that, are you sure the visitors you get on your website are well targeted? Did you manage to know who are your customers and how to reach them?
    Maybe this product would be a B2B sales product rather than just a landing page waiting for inbound marketing to happen?
    Have a nice week, stay safe!

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      Thank you for your feedback.

      Page clear : This is reassuring. I imagine all the feedback from the IH community and updates I made accordingly are finally paying off :) And I agree on the design... I'll work on that later with a designer.

      Audience/B2B : yes, I agree with you. I'm running inbound marketing during this crisis because sales emails and calls are not very effective for the moment

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    I'm still not sure what it does. I like the tagline "emosio tells you why", but then when I try to figure out what that means, I'm lost. The diagram at the top makes it seem like a data integration platform. The "what you can do" section lists 3 things, none of which I understand.

    Can you break it down into really simple words like "before emosio, [x industry] couldn't do Y, but now emosio makes it easy"? Or something like that.

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      Hi @sales4nerds. Thank you for your precious feedback. I just pushed a new version taking into account your comments. If you have some time, let me know if it's clearer now.

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        First of all, let me say this is always hard, especially when you're really close to the product.

        Have you talked to customers or prospects about what they are stuck on, why they need your product? They are a great source of good words.

        For example, under your (very excellent) tagline you have:

        "Emosio is a data integration platform for client verbatims. Emosio helps product and marketing teams easily add qualitative data to their existing analytics."

        • OK, so it is a data integration platform.
        • What the *$^# is a "client verbatim"?
        • OK, so there's something about qualitative data-- what does that mean? What kind of qualitative data? Why does it help?
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          Interesting because I think the question then is: should a webpage be understood by everyone ("explain it to your grandmother") or should it be understood by your target client. I red lately that the most important is the latter. In that case, my target group understands (or at least should understand) "client verbatims" and that they represent qualitative data (as opposed to quantitative data). This being said, maybe I should stick to one word and not speak about verbatims and then about qualitative data. Moreover, I could also define it, like for example " [...] qualitative data, such as customer comments and feedback, [...]" But in that case it's a little bit restrictive. What do you think?

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            If the people you are selling to use "verbatims" all the time, then it's fine. But some people will use "customer verbatims", others "client verbatims", etc. In terms of what you should say, I'm not sure, because I still don't know what the product does. I'm getting the sense from your comments that it analyses customers' words-- maybe social media or in support tickets-- I don't know. Am I right in thinking that it's like automating a one-on-one conversation at the store-- like your customers are talking and you can finally listen?

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              I googled around and maybe I'm actually doing a bad translation of the word verbatim from french. So I changed "verbatims" to "customer feedback" and removed "qualitative" to be more consistent.

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    Improve the main what -> why example. Give me something concrete.

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      Thank you for your input. I pushed a new version with some changes according to feedback

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    Poor copy and niche product.

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      Putting conclusions from data into plainer language/visualizations, to make it easier to understand without prior training, is a valuable af niche.

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      Poor copy : ok, just made some changes in the wording
      Niche product : I hope that's going to be and advantage actually ;) But that may indeed explain conversion and the fact that I have to really target the right audience

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