May 21, 2019

My proposed service for new engineers / devs.

Grant Spilsbury @Spuggy

I'm currently employed as a full stack engineer but I remember how hard it was for me to go from a coding bootcamp to getting employment. Potential employers wanted to know about commercial projects that I had worked on... but I hadn't worked on any.

My target market:
Entry level engineers that have just finished a coding bootcamp or other self study coding resources that want to find employment.

Problem being solved:

  • Provide support (daily stand ups, code reviews, direction) for creating their first commercial projects with the aim of padding their resumes.
  • Provide industry experience (eg stand ups, source control, working with other devs).

Are there other services out there that solve this problem already?
Is there a need for such a service?

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    Sounds interesting!

    My advice...

    Get out there and talk to people in bootcamps or who recently graduated!

    Shouldn't be hard to find them on LinkedIn etc...

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      Thanks. Sage advice

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    I would make a list of 10 recent bootcamp grads and do a quick interview with them. You will quickly find if they have that need.

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    What kind of product are you thinking? A course? A book?

    I just started working on something similar (, but it's targeted more at sharing specific best practices with whole engineering teams.

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    Don't the coding bootcamps already provide the resources to mock a daily standup, and code reviews?

    I would recommend that you talk to people to who've struggled to get employment after graduating a bootcamp.

    On top of that I'd like to give my two cents. If you're aware of pramp, its a service platform where you can practice coding interviews. They actually set you up with another person and both of you gets become the interviewer and an interviewee. From my research I don't think there's any service which does the same for creating commercial projects or working on open source projects. AFAIK, google summer of code does that but I think its only for undergraduate students enrolled in a computer science degree program. If you're getting where I'm going with this, basically a service that hooks you up with a real mentor who'll assign you a project (could be any) and will mentor you while follow project management processes. That way the student will have gained both the experience in project management, source control and also would have made a real world project.

    As for whether this is actually needed, ask around.

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      Legendary advice. Appreciate the time. Thanks!