My Reddit Launch Got Me 1.7k New Visitors!

Crazy right!? I pushed my product through different groups on Reddit and BAM! My server got hit like crazy! I've never had this amount of new users on any site I've ever built ...ever! Now, let's see what happens after day one (me biting my nails lol). I hope there's some sort of retention.

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    This is the post

    As a Redditor claiming to specialize in Reddit marketing itself. Here are my pointers:

    Look at his profile. He posted about his project constantly. Reddit is unpredictable. Most of the time you can get downvoted or be removed spam or just be plain ignored. You must have a thick skin.

    Now there is risk involved, if you post constantly you might get banned. So there is the element of luck involved.

    Find the appropriate subreddit, the appropriate and let's not forget the appropriate engagement/reply oof

    The difficult thing is going to be sustaining the engagement. You must tell a story, and provide value. The value in that post is, you guessed it (probably not) is "free". If you can't do free make sure you tell a story that is engaging.

    Was his post itself the most interesting thing? IMO no. What was most interesting was his UI. It is free and the product got the point quickly.

    Best of luck to you and anyone trying to post on Reddit. :)

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      Hey @anyfactor! Yes I constantly re-posted the same stuff on Reddit. I was really trying to identify what works and what doesn't. I THINK I got the hang of it now.. I think lol

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      Any good examples for products that tell good stories on reddit?

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        OP's product kinda does. Head to r/webdev on Saturdays. They have a weekly showoff Saturdays, which tends to be very fun.

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    Nice work Mario. Digital marketing is a tricky space to start with. It surely raises awareness but people generally ignore anything that remotely feels promotional. Your project is very relevant to distracted times we live in. I recommend finding 10-15 people who are constantly distracted or working on autopilot to discuss about their problems and finding subtle ways to promote your product in these discussions.

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      Hey @jerry_sam! Great advice! I will do just that =)

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    Reddit can very so tricky when it comes to promotion. I usually get some good traffic from Reddit but I have to find a way to not look like I am self-promoting.

    • Did you start directly promoting in your posts or started with some info and mentioned your link at the end?
      What size or subreddits did you promote on?
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      I started with Hook lines ex: "my side project just got a crazy load of users!" .. from experience of having multiple reddit accounts; I've found hook lines to attract the most attention. I tried both SUPER long reddits and short ones.. short ones always win. Keep them short.

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    Great job! Reddit can be difficult when it comes to promoting what you are working on.

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      Yea for sure! It's tricky.

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    which reddit groups did you find traffic with?

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      In this case, r/Entrepreneurship but I tried multiple ones.. creating reddits with hook lines just seem to work honestly..

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    I like how clean and straightforward the design is. You clearly have skill in that area! Also, where did you get your icon set from? Congrats on the launch!

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      Hey @husarcik! Thank you! I try.. I try lol Flaticon! I love their icon selection.

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    Congrats! How did you choose your sub? What did you write?

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      Thank you! I mainly chose the subs based on relevance (ex: r/startups, r/sideProject etc.,).

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    Thats great! Which subs did you use? Was there a specific one that had more traction than the rest? EDIT: Ive actually just seen your post on r/entrepreneur on my feed.

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      Hey @SuperAgent! Between r/entrepreneur, r/sideProjects and r/startUps I followed mostly what's on this list:


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