My setup for using Twitter without hating it

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    Thanks for this article. I was using Tweetdeck already before it was acquired by Twitter, and I found it very good. Then I stopped Twitter altogether :D

    Many nice ideas in your article. I don't have any social media on my phone (I hate phones!) and I block every social media on my computer when I need to focus thanks to a simple bash script: https://github.com/Phantas0s/.dotfiles/blob/master/bash/scripts/smedia.sh

    My view about Twitter changed a lot when I stopped using it for marketing, and simply trying to bring some ideas which could help without speaking about me all the time.

    For the filter with stressful / political tweets, I just unfollow anybody doing exactly that. I think it's important to speak about issues in the world, but I think as well that twitter is not a good place for that.

    Now I've still a problem: I would love to have some people on there with interesting ideas I disagree with, to question my own ideas and improve. Unfortunately I think Twitter don't want me to find them...

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      Thanks for sharing the script!

      My view about Twitter changed a lot when I stopped using it for marketing, and simply trying to bring some ideas which could help without speaking about me all the time.

      I think Twitter is great for getting feedback on what you're doing, but it's not generally a place for promotion aside from rare "I released a thing!" tweets. Some followers may end up as customers, but I consider it a bonus and not a goal. Having it as a goal changes the whole relationship dynamics (and, usually, one's tweeting tone).

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        I just wanted to give you a follow up: I spent my "two evenings" setting up Tweetdeck and... I officially like going on Twitter!

        I still go there no more than 30min / day, but I get value out of it. It's crazy.

        A big thank to you.

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          Thank you for the update, I'm excited to see it actually working for others!!

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    This is gold thanks so much for sharing!

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    I appreciate this post a lot. I deleted Twitter entirely a couple months ago, despite it being instrumental in many of the professional relationships I’ve developed over time. It had just become too much of a mental drain. It was hurting my mental health.

    I’m looking at Mailbrew as a possible way to start taking in some content again, but for the outbound stuff, I use Typefully. It’s an outbound only Twitter client. So far that’s worked well.

    As I get closer to launching Perligo I know I’ll need to be able to use Twitter as a comms channel. So I’m working, like you are, on the best approach.

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      Thank you, I remember your posts! I still quit it at times: for example, after the recent events in the US, the politics from there started leaking into my feed, so I took a two-week break. If I get too tired overall, I will also take a pause.

      But so far so good and I enjoy seeing fellow makers sharing their small and big wins every day.

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    Great idea & thanks for putting this together, I started using Tweetdeck a while back but without really breaking my lists down enough. Will try this for sure! 🙌

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      Thanks, best of luck with arranging it all!

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    You took the whole thing to a whole new level. I have to implement this.

    Thank you for sharing.

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      Thanks! I really wanted to start building in public and keep in touch with other indies there, but also to not burn out from all the negativity and attention-seeking that are predominant on Twitter.

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    I also made my twitter feed more acceptable. Therefore, I can recommend this article. It helped me to find many useful tools.

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