My tweet blew up, what should I do?

I recently started using HypeFury to post tweets regularly. The idea is to build my audience (of Indie Hackers and creators) and hopefully build interest in my product PriceWell.

One tweet, a sarcastic take on Indie Hackers (sorry folks) blew up overnight. I guess the Twitter algorithm boosted it after it got likes during EU time and then the US took over.

I already had the auto-tweet set up in HypeFury so a link was posted when I got 100 likes. What else can I do with this newfound fame? Or is it a single lucky tweet and I need to keep trying for more like this?

Here's the tweet for those interested: https://twitter.com/Matthew_Reid/status/1455437837013241859

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    Lol at the last one.

    Keep tweeting, most will flop but a few will do well.

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    I was about to say: setup autoplugs, but you already did that, congrats! :D

    I'd say: use that new fame to study your market. I personally have a Hypefury recurrent post asking my followers what they want to learn about SaaS. Now I am compiling all the questions into a SaaS course.

    Welcome to Hypefury!

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      Cheers, Samy! The onboarding was spot on and introduced me to these growth concepts with ease. The only thing that was tricky was finding where to set the schedule (I was worried about auto-posting during the day as I also have a day job) as the app forced me to write tweets first.

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    Keep at it!

    Also, hilarious and accurate thread. Kudos.

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    Keep on tweeting regularly. That's a hillarious post and kinda true haha.

    Also, just because that worked, don't suddenly become the guy that only makes fun of IH. Just keep what you're doing and it should work out in the future. Not every tweet will be a success but maybe you'll have a new post that will even surprass this one.

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    Cool! I think you already did the main thing you can do with adding info to your product.

    What I would maybe do is thinking about why this Tweet blew up that much and trying to do similar content. Maybe it wasn't just the algorithm for one time but maybe this is what your audience wants to see ;)

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      Great, now I have to become a comedian 😂

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    Celebrate the moment and keep going! Looking at the other comments, it seems you are already doing things quite well!

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      Thanks, Twan, I appreciate it.

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    Keep at it.

    If you get people reaching out in DMs, speak to them, will get to learn a lot about the potential audience and collaborators on the platform.

    And start adding such Tweets to the evergreen list so they are AutoRTed regularly.

    Old content is New content for New audience. Love the evergreen Tweets feature for that.

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      Thanks for the tip Ayush

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      Thanks, Shaun. I didn't know it would go down so well!

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    Auto-plug is a great opportunity here, indeed 😁

    My best advice: Keep tweeting! And start recognizing the patterns.

    If you're interested in giving another social media marketing tool a try, I'm the creator of FeedHive.

    In addition to auto-plug, we also have AI engagement prediction (which will help you predict if the tweet is prone to go viral), and a heatmap that will show you the best time to tweet. Again, we're using AI for this, so after posting for a bit, we can deliver a quite accurate prediction.

    If not, a simple excel sheet can also do wonders.
    Simply note down the patterns in topic, time of the day, which type of images you use, etc, and start researching 😊

    Besides that, I found that A/B testing tweets was a really effective technique when I first started out.
    I used Twitter's ad platform for this, which got me my first 10K followers within 6 weeks.

    If you have questions on Twitter growth, you're very welcome to hit me up 😊

    Good luck 😁

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