Ideas and Validation October 21, 2020

My webapp's is built - what do you think?

Ishmam @ishfillet
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    Looks useful. I would deffinitely use it if it's free.
    If you have time you can check my SaaS too.

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      Haven't decided on pricing yet. But there would be tons of freebies. Best of luck with tellrail!

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    Oh shit, just realised I made a typo in title! facepalm

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    Could you provide a practical real world way someone will use your 3d software? Initially I thought about making cartoons but I wonder what your target client will likely use it for.

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      It's not 3D software! You don't need to know anything. You'd just go to makesumo, edit the colors and download. Usecase: landing page, app onboarding page, website hero, presentation etc. ) Check and see how they're using it. MakeSumo will have 2D illustrations as well.

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      Stock photos for landing pages, obviously.

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        This comment was deleted a month ago.

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