Design and UX August 5, 2020

My Website has a UX/UI Problem. I Need Help

Mike @iammike

Looking for a UX/UI person to redesign the top part of one of my sites.

Not only does it look old/outdated, but it's wasting SO much real-estate.

My Website has a UX/UI Problem!

If you got skills, hit me up at [email protected] and we can discuss some of the requirements further.

Thx in advance!

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    navbar Just a quick redesign, I think the main problem you had was the logo, it takes too much space up and it's unusual to have the logo in a line on its own. Also get rid of the tagline, it really shouldn't be in a logo. Add it somewhere else, website's title and description for example!

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      Looks slick! I think it would look cool to move the search bar to the right and make it a button, that opens up a search (either like IH or it would just slide over the menu to the left)

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        Yeah, that's a good idea about converting the search bar to a search icon.

        In fact, that's exactly how the existing search function works on the WP & Xenforo sections of our website.

        We're using two platforms
        (A) WordPress for articles
        (B) Xenforo for the forum (/forum/...) section.

        The screenshot above is from the forum (B) section of our site. You'll see the search option in the middle grey bar on the far right.

        When you click on that, you get this:

        On WP it looks like this

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      Thanks so much @muchkler! That look so much better.

      You are 100% right as it pertains to the logo and tagline. All this is legacy from before I was part of the business.

      Can you email me to discuss further?

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        Sent you en e-mail.

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      Hey Michael, thanks for your interest! Please email me and I can share more information with you :)

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    Hey Mike,
    I am a professional front end developer & designer. Please check out my work below:

    Polash Ahmad

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      Hi Polash, would you mind taking a look at and quoting me a design. I have put together some ideas, but my focus on the actual panel means I can get the design done so help will be nice. My email: [email protected]

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      Thanks! Just emailed you with some deets.

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        Thanks for choosing me.

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          I'm definitely looking to get multiple points of view and possibly pay a few different designers to provide a mock-up/concept.

          So, thanks for the response!

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