May 16, 2019

Name an entrepreneur you look up to. I'll invite them to mentor you (free)

Abdo Riani @abdoriani

Talking to hundreds of successful entrepreneurs over the past 6 months through taught me a few valuable lessons about their goals and expectations. If there's one thing I learned, it's their passion to contribute to the success of other rising founders but hated the typical cold "hey I've learned a lot from your work over the years and I'd appreciate a few minutes of your time" kind of emails.

Creating a trustworthy and organized platform for successful entrepreneurs to provide this guidance while getting exposure helped us attract exceptional founders who guided hundreds of entrepreneurs so far.

With Courtland, I am working on filling the gap between passionate entrepreneurs and those who can help them move forward faster and on stronger foundations.

Having said this, name an entrepreneur(s) you look up to and we'll invite them to help you move your ideas or products forward with higher certainty and success predictability.

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    I would like to meet Rand Fishkin and I would like to ask him more in depth questions on his journey to creating Moz

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      @outrankio Rand confirmed. You'll get the announcement, date and time in your inbox soon if you're part of

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      According to Rand, his schedule should be open for a session(s) soon. Will let you know.

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    @rrhoover , Pieter Levels (Nomadlist), @channingallen (IH) and Changpeng Zhao (Binance)

    I liked their never give up attitude and how they scaled their businesses very smartly.

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      @channingallen coming up soon, reaching out to Pieter, Ryan and Changpeng

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    Glen Allsopp of has incredible writing and analytical skills. I don't know how he does it. Would love to get mentorship from him. He's covered exactly the same industry I work in when he covered 90 of the highest revenue generators on Patreon.

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      I have so much respect for Glen too. Will let you know if and when he confirms a guidance session(s)

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    Mike Carson. I'm a developer who just started about a year ago, and he is someone that get I definitely look up to.. made something really simple and never gave up. There were many times I wanted to quit while learning how to code. But by having a mind set that if you quit now, you will regret it later is a standard philosophy I've been continuing till today.

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      Contacting Mike, thanks for the suggestion @Wcisco

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        @Wcisco Mike is in!. You'll get an announcement about the time and date soon. I've already included you in Mike's session. You'll get an invite here

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          Awesome.. that was really quick, thanks @abdoriani!

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            I'll talk to you soon!

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    I really look up to Tracy Osborn of Hello Web Design. When I told people around me that I was going to learn how to code just to make the product I wanted, I was mostly laughed at, but to find out that she did basically the same thing was very inspiring.

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      @AKWest Tracy confirmed. If you're part of, you'll get an announcement about the date and time of her session so you can ask her all your questions live. BTW all sessions are intentionally kept small (3 to 5) so the entrepreneurs who join can get personalized guidance and support.

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      Tracy is someone I also look up to. Will you know if and when she confirms

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      I’m in a similar situation. Would you please share What program you are learning and how? I’m thinking about skillshare? Thank you

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        Right now I'm working on SQL, although I know Python, JavaScript, HTML an CSS will be in my future.

        I'm open to the idea of skillsharing. Feel free to DM me on twitter with what you have in mind.

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          How are you learning SQL? I was going to see if SkillShare might have an option be literally skillshare lol. I like TOsborns story but I have not been building sites since I was 14, so I’m apprehensive I can actually learn and build a useable product, but frustrated that without a tech partner my ideas don’t go far?!

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            Want to know when the first time I tried coding ever was? April 24, 2019...the day I decided to build this project. It may be super confusing at first but it's never too late to learn a new skill and pursue your dream.

            Are you looking to learn any specific programming language? I can share what resources I used to learn sql but they may vary if you are looking to build with another language.

            If you're even confused about which language to begin working with, feel free to DM me on Twitter and I might be able to give you a hand :)

            I will also say that your dreams will only go as far as you let them. If part of that is doing a bunch of work to find a tech partner as enthusiastic about your project as you are, that's great. But even if you have to learn to build your project from scratch on your own, your idea will go just as far. It may take more perseverance on your part but the only way it will not go as far is if you give up on it.

            You can do this!

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    Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt. The work he has done with his company is something I aspire to do.

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      Totally agree. @rrhoover, you’re a star!

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    Joe Rogan

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    Steve Jobs, can you raise him from the dead ?

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      We can’t but we can have entrepreneurs who have worked with and learned from him. Guy Kawasaki and Lon Safko joined us so far and plan on joining again beside others pending confirmation

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        Thank you, I'm just kidding.
        You are doing very well, I wanna join your website.

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          Eager to personalize Startup Circle to help you move forward faster Yoshua. Make sure to reply to the welcome email and I'll get in touch shortly after.

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    Vincent Dignan, he has a lot of knowledge in growth hacking and that's the one thing that I really need right now. I even though I'm running a video game startup.

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      Excellent suggestion. Contacting Vin today

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        Thanks!! It'll be awesome if he's gonna join our team!

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    Elon Musk. I hope you bring him, otherwise you're getting reported for false promotion! (Jk, but I think he's the goat entrepreneur of this century)

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      100% Will be reaching out anyways

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    Dan Martell seems super interesting to help me reset my thinking on pricing and saas viability. Would love to connect!

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      Dan is one of my favorites. He already mentored entrepreneurs twice. Scheduling the next one soon