November 11, 2019

Name generator that learns your tastes (Seeking feedback)

Ali @aliakhtar

Hey guys,

I'm working on Naminator: . Its an AI based business name generator, e.g if you put in 'test', it gives results like 'testorate, testable, contest', etc.

I've just deployed an update where if you vote on the names (by clicking Like, Love, or Nah), it tries to learn your tastes and gives you more results based on your votes. Each like / love vote produces a new batch, and each batch should hopefully be better than the last.

The idea is to have the recharge bar at the bottom drain out with each batch, until you have to pay $5-10 to recharge it. But, right now its completely free and you can play with it to your heart's content!

I'd love any feedback / thoughts / complaints etc, either on the product, or the pricing strategy, or anything else.


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    improvement suggestion: let a user select up how many words the name will have