Need a new 💡idea to work on?

I found 4 amazing domain names/ business ideas. Thought I might share it with you guys. Here's to anyone who wants to build 💪

👉 europeviews.com
A news website focused on all things happening in Europe.

👉 realgoodstories.com
A website for people to create and curate high-quality fiction.

👉 marvelhype.com
Comic book fans, here’s your one-stop website for all things Marvel.

👉 everythingminer.com
For all the crypto miners out there. Find out which crypto's hot and which one’s gonna put you out of business. All the news, views, and reviews.

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    i like the idea behind the post, sharing interesting available domain names and working from there. it's sort of like writing a song and starting with the title.

    1. 1

      Yeah, sometimes people need only a spark of inspiration, you know. All of us are capable of generating decent ideas, but sometimes we need that extra push when life gets too busy.

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    Hi Thejas, I like this list you made. you have a nice list of domains and a nice one liner value propositions.

    What I am wondering is what's the next step?

    Reason I ask, I am working on a product, that sets up a simple landing page for a custom domain with a 'subscribe to get notified/for early access' feature.

    Would you agree to take the next step and set that up with so little effort and measure if you are getting some attention? I wonder what you think.

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      Hey unremute,

      First off, I apologise for replying late. So, yeah the first step would be to gauge the potential market. Create a landing page with an email sign up and spread it in relevant communities in facebook, reddit etc.

      Although I wouldn't go off spamming. I would join those communities, engage in them for a few weeks, build credibility and then post them.

      Or I would tell about my website if a relevant discussion comes up. Spamming a bunch of websites and groups is a NO-GO. People are smart and they can easily see through that.

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