Need advice on a personal blog

I want to start a personal blog. I'd write about anything that interests me, including law, design, tech, remote work, travel, books, life in general... anything that crosses my mind.

Also, I need a portfolio website, where I could showcase my work to the world. In addition, I need a sales page for my services.

Now my dilemma is - should I include my portfolio and HIRE ME page on my personal blog or is it better to have a personal blog and a separate portfolio website?

Your advice is welcome.

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    This is a biased comment, because I'm a co-founder, but I feel like Unstack would be a great fit for you to bring blogging and portfolio together under one login while avoiding the the complexity of things like collections for blogging on webflow. Use indiehackers30 to get 30% off for life if you think it's a good fit.

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    why not test-drive a blogging workflow using IH?


    i use it for my professional project as well!

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      That's an interesting approach, but not what I need now. I could use it for product building in public, but I think it is not suitable for reaching readers outside of IH.

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        really? huh.

        would love to know more of your strategy? i don't see how using the tools here would necessarily limit your reach.

        i'd love to learn more!

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          This is the strategy I want to follow https://www.nateliason.com/blog/start-a-blog

          I assume that posting on IH would easily reach IH crowd, but I can't imagine it being successful for reaching folks outside of the platform.

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            why wouldn't it be useful for reaching outside?

            i mean, i promote / share (via twitter) the links to the posts that i write all the time...

            ... isn't that the exact same workflow even if it was self-hosted?

            but, now, you have a built-in network to help build an audience and readership.

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              SEO, among other things. And I want to own my place on the internet, that's also important.

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                yup. very legit list.

                seo isn't terrible here. i've been able to see some organic(s).

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    When you are starting out, it is useful to separate the personal and the professional. You don't want a potential client on the site landing on your opinions on religion/politics/etc. and being turned off because it doesn't agree with their world view.

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      I won't blog for religion/politics, that's for sure.

      If I write content for separate websites, most of the content I am planning to write about would overlap.

      Basically, I am trying to find the better option between:

      • nateliason.com - he has a separate website for his marketing agency and other projects, but he still writes about marketing and doing business on his blog, and
      • taylorpearson.me - he has everything in one place.
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        I guess it is more of a personal preference then. I don't see how one is better than the other. It all depends on the individual "brand" that you want to project :)

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