Need business ideas? Watch out for unbundlings!

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    "unbundling" is this the first buzz word of 2020?

    I've never heard this term before last week and I've heard it about 100 times since then.

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      Same here! I believe it is lol

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    I think it is Ben Horowitz from Andreessen Horowitz who talks about how all ideas are really just unbundling or re-bundling old ideas. You can look through their blog for some good examples.

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    Great article! I am glad someone have decided to write a blog about this topic. I have found about "unbundlings" theory recently on twitter. Thanks again. Keep pushing.

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    Nice post Jakob! Thanks for sharing!

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    Great article! I can't help but think of Simon Wardley when you talk of unbundlings. There are a lot of overlaps. In brief, when custom systems and services become commodities, like the move from servers to FAAS (function as a service) for example, the business landscape can change dramatically. New opportunities rise and old business ideas/models can become uncompetative.

    Definitely recommend reading his work: https://medium.com/wardleymaps/on-being-lost-2ef5f05eb1ec

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      Hi. Great link. The discussion around lack of a map is so true. Any views on Wardley's maps?

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      Thanks! I keep stumbling upon Wardley's work so I think now it's finally time to give it a read (or a listen since I saw that someone recetnyl created an audiobook version: https://feststelltaste.github.io/wardley-maps-audiobook/).

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    Great article, some stuff I have never thought of having been unbundled (WordPress) but clearly have! I can see the property market being unbundled soon. And maybe worth mentioning that banks are being unbundled (Revolut, TransferWise, etc)

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      Oh yes, banks are definitel another great example for an unbundling that is happening right now.

      In what sense do you think will the property market be unbundled?

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        I can see the role of real estate agents become obsolete soon, they're just a middle man who doesn't add an awful lot of value imo. Sounds harsh and I'm sure there are sellers/buyers who prefer having an actual person dealing with their sale/purchase who they can call and chat to any time, but I think in the future this can all be handled digitally. There's also a lot of interesting projects in the blockchain space about this https://www.pwc.de/en/real-estate/digital-real-estate/blockchain-in-real-estate.html

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