May 20, 2019

Need feedback for idea - co-studying space


I need some feedback, honest & brutal. I am building a co-studying space with flexible subscription plan for low-income families. This idea is because most families here cannot afford home/ private tuition even when they need one. They also find place to study comfortably, with friends where there's also fast Internet, that their home don't have.

I will pilot in Malaysia, and have started since last year. We managed to get 10 students just by word of mouth marketing and when the place hadn't complete yet (just basic amenities and covered unfinished sections). I will automate few operation here and partner with state council to cut renting cost too. To reach RM 100K monthly recurring revenue, I need to find less than 2000 students, where the low-income population here is 12.8 millions.

What do you all think?

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    You might apply for grants or loans from the government, even down to the city level. They often want to fund small businesses in their area and will help kickstart them.

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      Thank you for this. What do you think its viability/ sustainability?