Ideas and Validation September 2, 2020

Need feedback for my landing page


This is my first side project so I'm a bit nervous. Been putting off from showing it to the world for days. I created a landing page to see if anyone is interested joining a site (not yet built).

I want to create a site for people who are from non-tech backgrounds and now can code to be able to list their profiles and links to their projects that they’re working on. I imagine that it would be a place to inspire each other to learn how to code and create awesome things.

Your feedbacks would be appreciated. Any tips on how to reach many people will be helpful too.


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    Great job on starting your first side project and putting it out there for feedback! A few thoughts from me:

    1. Proposition
    It took a while for me to understand what problem you’re trying to solve and how your product solves it. Ideally, you want to answer this within the first few sentences on your site.

    The content is there, it just requires work from the user to find it and connect the dots. I.e:


    Learning alone as a beginner was tough


    It’s easier to stay motivated when I see many good examples of people who are with the same non-tech background creating awesome things
    Let us all connect and motivate each other

    Perhaps you could try reworking the structure of the site to make the problem and your solution clearer when a user first lands on the site.

    2. Personal story
    I like that you’ve brought your story into this. It adds a personal touch, and makes it relatable.

    You could take this one step further and show how you’ve progressed in that time, maybe an example of an idea that’s come to life? This shows users in a similar position as you were that it is possible for them to bring their ideas to life. And if you can tie your solution into this then it helps to further sell the benefits of it.

    3. A few design pointers

    • The red text on the image is difficult to read as it’s clashing with the background.
    • The header image feels quite murky because it’s been darkened. I’m also not sure how it ties to what your product does.
    • I feel “Coming soon” has too much prominence. This would be better suited to introduce your problem or solution.
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      Thank you for your feedback. It gives me quite a thought on rearranging my content.

      I want to bring people together. You could say it's a community building, except that it won't provide any form of interactions. It'd be a place where they can list their profiles and show off their works.

      For the design - I agree that red text on murky background is hard to read so I adjust all the design bit.

      Thanks again!

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    A couple immediate things I see,

    • the "Inspiration behind this creation" runs off the page with no scroll. It cuts off and stops at this line
      "people who are with the same non-tech background creating awesome"
      -Why brown water as the background? Maybe something more on brand with what your goal is would be better.

    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks. May I ask which browser you're using?
      I simply try to use white text against dark background. Noted on using something align with the brand more.

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        No problem! I'm using Chrome.

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