Need feedback on my first SaaS app. What can I improve?

Hi Indie-hackers,
Today I am launching my first SaaS app here on Indie-hackers.com!

It is a private journal application focused primarily on privacy. You can check out the site here: https://www.logmywords.com/

So, here's the idea: you write at least 750 words on the site. Make it a habit. Earn badges, points and get featured in the leader-board. Unclutter your mind and stay focused. Read your previous journal entries any time you like.

It is based on Buster's 750words. I didn't like the design of the website and UX, IMHO, really sucks. So I built this site in about 15 days. There are several things are still unfinished (like the Stats page). But I decided it's never too early to launch.

Things I need feedback on:

  1. English is not my native language and I suck when it comes to writing copy. Please visit the landing page and feel free to let me know what I can improve on.
  2. The landing page in general. I am not a designer. I just bought the landing page template and changed the html. Is it all right? Does it require any improvement?
  3. The signup process. It's just a simple form for people to enter username, email and password. I have heard a lot about on-boarding and stuff. But I don't know how I can improve it.
  4. The application itself. Currently, you can sign up, login, write your journal, view the leader board, pay via paypal. What improvements are needed for the app to work properly? Please feel free to let me know.


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    You're in a very competitive market, so try to niche down. Who can you market to at a low cost?

    Landing page wise

    • Get rid of the buttons from the navbar, keep login and get started.
    • I would have a screenshot of your actual app instead of a random photo.
    • Add some logos from blogs/newspaper that recommend journaling in general like lifehacker etc
    • I would move privacy up, also it is really that secure, someone could just hack your mysql. You might want to add some sort of encryption.
    • Your target audience won't know what Wordpress is and if they do they will know it is one of the least secure frameworks out there.
    • Remove the links at the bottom to other sites. You want your visitors focused on your site, not redirected elsewhere.
    • Need a privacy policy and terms of service.

    Few quick questions :)

    How did you find your template?
    How was using a template?
    Did you look at any landing page builders?
    If so how come you stuck with a template?

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      Thank you so much for taking time to review the landing page. I will definitely work on your advice. I really appreciate helping me there.
      As for encryption, I thought about it but there must be a key to encrypt/decrypt content, and that key will be stored in a database (?) so if an attacker gets hold of the database, he will be able to decrypt it. Is there another way to do this? Asking for an encryption key every time the user reads/writes entries is bad UX to me.
      Here are what you asked:

      1. I am no designer. I just searched top themeforest landing page templates and found it suited my needs.
      2. Using the template was easy. Just changed the html and went ahead.
      3. No, I didn't use any landing page builders. Honestly, I don't like using any kind of builders. Previously I used a page builder for wordpress but the code that it generated was too cumbersome and unmanageable. But that's just me. I see a rise of page builders. And there are many people who would go with page builders because of the ease of use, I guess.

      Thanks again for your time!

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        Haven't studied encryption in a while but I'm pretty sure you can generate a key to encrypt and decrypt using the users password. That way you can't decrypt it. Unless you're storing the passwords in plain text which you shouldn't be.

        Thanks for answering the questions :)

        I fully understand lots of full stack devs are not designers, and landing pages also should follow certain patterns that help convert visitors to customers/clients.

        I'm currently building a landing page builder focused on SaaS companies. The landing page builder actually creates code that you can edit from the web app and if needed you can export and use in your own project. It is all Bootstrap with a few custom classes.


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          Wow, your app looks really brilliant. I really like the export functionality you described. All the very best!

          Thanks for your suggestion on encryption. I will read more about it and see what I can do.

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      Really like your landing page but cant disagree with that :D

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    I tried the app and everything went smooth as far as login etc.

    I'm not a typing person and found the 750 words really long. Also then I tried to paste into the textarea, and it said I cannot paste. But as far as doing what you described, it did do that.

    One thing I want you to consider is, how could someone use your platform in other, unintended ways? I am saying this because after years of building apps, I've found some of the most fascinating things when I watch real users interact with the app and they use it in a totally different way than what I had in mind. The more constraints you put in place the less ability you leave to the end user to discover alternative uses.

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      Thanks for taking time to review of the website. Yes, I intentionally disabled the paste function because that would defeat the purpose of the site itself. However, I do agree with you that people may use it for other purpose than I initially planned. I will see what I can do about it.

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    Hello there mate,

    First of all congrats on the launch, i'm not really experienced when it comes to this type of stuff but i just would like to point out that there still some problems with the UI, the navigation bar is not looking pretty at the moment because the font is quite big (Using Firefox btw), and the get started button is wrapping to the line which makes the button not look the way it's supposed to be.

    Best of luck to you mate :)

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      Thanks for your time, buddy. I really appreciate your advice. Will definitely work on them.

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