Landing Page Feedback October 16, 2020

Need feedback on my value proposition

Szabolcs Nagy @SzabolcsNagy

I've just reworded my landing page and transitioned into Open Beta. I can't tell if the value my startup provides is described clearly on the landing page. I greatly appreciate all feedbacks.

My startup is Many thanks in advance!

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    Hey Szabolcs,

    Value seems pretty clear! How does it work? Does each team member have to get in the tool and check off their own TODOs? Do people have to report their progress daily? How does it work for bigger projects or tasks that take more time?

    I'm thinking in terms of project management, it could be useful to split the project into tasks, and then those tasks into subtasks, Asana-style. The idea being that once all the tasks are complete the project is actually done. That way you can show a project completion indicator, in real time. You could also give some tasks more weight if they're harder/longer/more important.

    Unrelated: in your hero you have duplicated text: "Progress reporting for remote teams" and "DoneMyBit is a progress reporting tool for remote teams." is essentially the same. I would delete the second one.


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    hi @SzabolcsNagy I made a little feedback video here - let me know what you think

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      Hey @orliesaurus, Thank you for all your feedback, I highly appreciate it and will take all of them into consideration. I'll probably roll out a new version of my landing page next week, based on your suggestions.

      I've been trying to hunt down the bug that won't dismiss the cookie consent overlay for a while now. Can you please send me what operating system you use, and what your browser version is? Thank you!


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