September 26, 2019

Need feedback on our value prop

Shar Darafsheh @darafsheh

Finding the right subscription solution that fits your needs is hard. You might be running a SaaS, services, membership, or any other type of subscription-based business and need to collect recurring payments. Billing is certainly not your highest priority, yet it is a crucial part of your business. You need a simple and fast solution.

Stripe Billing is the most powerful subscription billing solution.

Many startups make the mistake of combining Stripe Billing with another subscription billing solution (Chargebee, Zoho, etc..) due to not fully understanding Stripe’s capacity, and end up wasting ton of time and resources. Some decide to spend a few months building an in-house Stripe Billing integration when they could be working on their customers and product.

The biggest hurdle of using Stripe Billing without an external billing solution is building a billing interface for your end customers, which takes months to build and maintain. It is time to rethink subscription billing.

We want to make it easy and fast to launch and scale subscription businesses online. Our solution is Servicebot, the user interface toolkit for Stripe Billing, allowing you to build and scale your subscription business faster than ever before. Servicebot is not a billing system, it is a layer on top of Stripe Billing. It’s specifically built for Stripe only works with Stripe. You simply create your subscription products and plans in Stripe, connect to Servicebot with one-click, and embed billing pages on your website and SaaS. It takes minutes from start to end and it doesn’t consume developer resources.


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    I love the site! And the pricing looks pretty good value for money, although over $60,000 I'm not sure what you actually pay, is it $299 + 0.4% of the total, or 0.4% of the total over $60,000? i.e on $60,001 is it $299 + (0.004 * 60001) = $539 or is it $299 + (0.004 * 1) = $299

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      Thanks, Kode! Currently it is $299 + 0.4% of everything.

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    I've only done credit card processing iframes so am not the most knowledgeable. I certainly understand the problem and solution you provide. I think it's a very good idea to build on existing infrastructure rather than recreate the wheel.

    In the future you might scale to support other platforms.

    Hope that helps, I don't have the energy to look over your landing page.

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      Thanks for the feedback

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    I forgot to put our website URL, here: