Landing Page Feedback May 17, 2019

[Need feedback] Working on a SaaS, is the value proposition clear?

Robin Vander Heyden @Vinrob

I am working on a SaaS with @gabolecointer -- is the value proposition clear?

Here is the link:


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    I think it would help if the landing page had screenshots of actual examples using RequestHQ. I realize that you probably do not have users yet so the next best thing would be to create the sample sites yourself - preferably on behalf of an actual business/person so that the example would be real.

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    Hey Robin,

    Just to help out with honest feedback : Need a bit more clarity about the concept, I get the last part ~ one stop shop to look at payment info etc... but the first 2 is not clear... like how it actually helps the service, and what services exactly...

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      I agree here. I was asking myself, but how? The value props are there, but it isn't clear to me how this product achieves it or what I have to do as a customer.

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        me neither .. need to think a bit deeper .. as i don't have experience in this space.

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    Best to put something like “Build a service business like ManyPixel”, or something where the visitor understands what the tool would be used for. Ie. request based productized service for monthly price

    Competitors include Shopify, self hosted Wordpress + Stripe, Basecamp + sole payment page etc. So effectively you’d want to emphasize how your platform makes it easy to keep track of requests, assign team members to clients/requests, some sort of tracking for request quality and SLA, customizable portal, improved client retention and happiness due to app’s streamline design, out of the box branding, etc.

    Good luck!

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    Hey Robin. It's not clear who is your target, freelancers who sell their services and want a beautiful landing page or people who want to build a business and "productize" their services in some way. But I'm leaning more towards the first.

    P.s. I didn't read any comments to be as non-biased as possible.

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    I also wasn't sure what "sell your services online" means. It seems to conflict with "build and grow your online business" - when I think of "online business" I think of selling some product like a book or art or whatever. Good luck!

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    At first it was a bit unclear what it is you meant by "sell your services online". What services? Although I later realized that you meant productized services.

    Reading the entire page, it is clear that you're trying to provide some kind of an all-in-one solution for people who have a productized service. I'm not that target market so maybe I'm not familiar enough with certain things, but I'm unclear on what this is doing that Stripe isn't already doing. It actually just looks like a Stripe dashboard, besides the form creation option.

    The tagline is "the ultimate solution to build and grow your online business". I see how it can be used to build an online service business, but not at all how it would grow it. Nothing on the page talks about how it can grow my business, just how it can help me manage it.

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    Copy writing needs work.

    I only understand what you are doing because I know what productised services are. It still took me a while to understand that you are trying to serve that audience.

    Header - "Super simple software for selling productised services"

    Subheader - "ProductizeHQ helps you grow, manage, and analysis your business. Easily build booking forms, setup pricing tiers, and more."

    Once the product is out you can add some logos you power aka manypixels.

    You're going to need more of a value prop than just a booking form and a dashboard. You can get both of them using Calendly and Baremetrics.