No-Code November 9, 2019

Need help finding the right no-code tool for my MVP 🙏

Pierre de Wulf @Daolf

Hi everyone,

I quickly want to build an MVP for my next project and I am contemplating using a no code tool.

Here is quickly what I want to do, the product is rather simple:

  • Imagine a prepopulated Trello board with specific Tasks and label
  • While this board is the same for everyone at the beginning, every user will move things around so every new user needs a new copy of this board. The board won't be shared.
  • Put this behind a paywall.

I thought about Airtable at first, but I quite don't know if I can create a table and put it behind a paywal. I was also looking at but it seemed overkill.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

PS: I don't want to simply put my Google doc behind a paywall, I'd like something a little more polished.

Edit: Tried to make things clearer

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    Have you played with Airtable's different views? Like the Kanban or calendar views? That's where I'd start looking. I also really like @efremfilho's idea in the comments.

    If you go with Airtable, you can still get the users/paywall part done.

    Since each account gets their own unique board, I don't think a membership tool will work (they would mostly just gate content based on membership, not save user-specific data to a database).

    You could use Bubble, Boundless, or Webflow (any of the "general" builders that has database stuff) and then save each user's Airtable embed code to their account. You'd only be creating users (they come out of the box with Bubble and Boundless) and one page with an embed snippet.

    You'd still have to figure out how to create the Airtable sheets originally and a few other quirks I'm sure, but for an MVP, maybe you can supplement with manual labor.

    Good luck!

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      Hey, thank you very much for your tip, I'll try to embde AirTable within Bubble, haven't though of that!

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    Bubble is the only no code tool that can do that

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      👍I did the tutorial and I love this tool!

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    Why don't you try to create a selling page (with Stripe or Shopify) and when you have a new record, copy a Trello board ( using Zapier). I did this already and After a while, I went to a low code approach. The codes are available here - (function - cloneBoard).

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      Unfortunately I need to put this Trello board on steroid so I can't do that but thanks for answering :)

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    @bentossell over at is the expert around here on no code tools. You should reach out to him!

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    I am not sure if I understand what you want.

    If you are looking to only the paywall, you can do it with gumroad, podia or memberstack.

    If you want a landing page+ paywall, then carrd has an integration with gumroad, stripe, and paypal. It is fast and cheap. Otherwise, you can look at landen, which is more expensive and has only stripe for payments, but it is also faster.

    If you are looking for something to build your doc on steroids, you can look at

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      Thank you very much I'll take a look at coda.

      For the product, imagine a prepopulated Trello board with specific task and particular due date.

      Each paying user would have their own "Trello" board.

      I hope it makes it more clear.

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        It's more clear now, in that case bubble is probably the best suited alternative. If you are not a client, you can apply to 6 months for free with the professional plan here

        I suppose that you are looking into no code to make an MVP faster. While on bubble you can accomplish what you want, there is a bit of a learning curve, so I can't tell if you will end up taking less time.

        In my experience with bubble, making the website look good and responsive is what takes the most of the work, so if you are ok with something looking "ugly", you can have an MVP pretty fast.

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          Yes thank you, I'll try the bubble way.

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