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Need Help regarding static websites.

Sai Indra Maryada @saiindra

Hi All,

I have been using WordPress for the past 3 years and slowly I realised that there are other options for static sites.

Other options are really useful especially with the fact that it reduces the hosting charges dramatically.

But here comes the problem::

Deployment by code is just so new, that last when I tried to do deploy using it failed.
I host my major sites at kinsta, so just understand how much we are pampered with the fact that we hardly deal with any technicalities.

I understand technical stuff but don't want to dig into it immediately.
So is there a middle ground for static sites where deployment too is managed by some service?
I'm more than happy to pay that little amount.

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    For the current hosting platforms (Render, Netlify, Vercel) you will have to do some initial setup to deploy automatically. You will have to store your content in a GitHub or GitLab or something similar and push your updates there. The platform will take care of automatically updating the site once you made a push.

    I think the closest thing to a "static" CMS is, you can edit your content directly ia an web editor there so you don't have to git clone, git push. That also requires some setup and linking with your hosting provider. Render is good to go. It's a pretty good, lightweight solution.

    If you would like to create a, solution, drop me an email and we'll talk.

    P.S. I built a static site generator myself

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    If you don't mind swapping from WP we built Versoly

    All our sites are static and the results show it paid off :)

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    Hello, we help you create a custom static website developed 100% by us.

    You can add a blog with headless CMS to manage content without any problem.

    We do everything for a monthly subscription of 75 USD.

    When I say everything, I mean everything seriously:

    • Prototype design in Figma.
    • Frontend programming with TailwindCSS, HTML and JavaScript.
    • Integration of our Backend with all the functionalities you need to function.
    • Integration with any marketing / sales tool via API.

    In addition, we control the entire infrastructure on AWS for you without you having to do anything, since your website will be supported in our account.

    Say goodbye to any hosting, security, monthly maintenance issues, and other things that only get in the way of your business journey.

    Yes, the price is only $ 75 / month.

    Any questions you can write to [email protected]


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      75usd..!! I can host wordpress with Kinsta at 30usd/month.
      I don't understand the pricing of yours.

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        Our pricing goes beyond accommodation. It also includes our custom design and programming work.

        UX Design in Figma + Frontend Programming in TailwindCSS, HTML, JS + Backend SaaS + Headless CSM + Infrastructure in AWS.

        ALL for 75 USD / month.

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    Hey @saiindra

    The specific infrastructure term for these static sites is JAMStack. If you do some research on that you'll see specific solutions to hosting. (see:

    As far as I know, Render should handle static site deployment so you may want to check the framework you're using is actually built for it and configured correctly. I use Nuxt.js and you need to specifically tell it to build your artifact in a static mode for it to work.

    If you think this is a Render problem rather then your framework problem, then I'd recommend checking out:

    • Netlify
    • Vercel
    • Github Pages

    Otherwise, if you're talking about deploying WordPress itself statically, then this won't work without using a third-party saas. Some options for that with a quick google are:

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      I would add Digital Ocean to that list of providers. If I remember correctly they give 3 static websites free of charge (in App Platform).

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