April 29, 2019

Need help with your onboarding?

Tim Pittman @pittman021

Hey IHers,

I spend a lot of time thinking about & focusing on customer churn for saas companies.

I've noticed lots of bad onboarding from apps I've used. Most are not focused on the customer, bad copywriting, bad timing, etc.

I'd love to help the IH community and review your onboarding from sign-up flow, in-app notifications, email comms, to help you keep customers.

This isn't a sales funnel. I get to continue to improve & also learn what others are doing as well.

DM me and we'll chat!


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    Hi @pittman021

    Thanks for the offer. Does it also stand for mobile apps?

    If yes, I'd love to hear your feedback on the onboarding process of the (iOS) app I'm working on.


    I'd like to know your opinion on the following. Other people might answer as well.

    • In order to streamline the onboarding, I'm not asking for username//email/password. What do you think?
    • What do you think of the current onboarding process? Do you feel it is too difficult? Too long? Do you understand the app after onboarding?
    • Would a skip onboarding option be needed?
    • Should I show the premium up-sell directly after the user completed onboarding?


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      Hey Wousser!

      Yes, it stands for mobile apps as well. The concepts still apply.

      I don't have IOS. I'll find an iphone to review =)

      We can chat 1:1 on these points. But without even looking at it, here's some things to think about:

      1. The outcome of your app is to solve a problem. What is that problem?

      How is it better than the alternatives (not using your app or using another)? What better version of your users does your app create? Keep that end goal in mind.

      1. Now back into that end goal via a series of steps. Think 'and then what'. Imagine you are sitting directly with them. I login to your app, then what? I add a contact, then what? Each steps comes with friction. List out the possible points of friction (your app, their knowledge, their ability, their attention span), then the solution to eliminate that friction.

      2. What I'd ask you next is: Where are your customers hitting friction right now, and how do you eliminate it? In step 2, which of the steps is it?

      3. 'Skip Onboarding' & 'Premium Up-sell' & 'Understanding': They need enough knowledge to get value. If your app is simple enough & intuitive, you may skip in-app (or fix the UX to get there). If its more involved then you may need one. I'll take a deeper look to give you more feedback.

      Don't up-sell until you know they are getting value. 'Onboarding' may not be the right time.

      1. Engagement: Lastly, you can create email & in-app engagement to push people along their path. These should be targeted (user type), timed (based on their journey), and in the correct medium (email, video, in-app, etc.).

      I hope this helps. Please email me directly (email is in profile) and we can discuss further.

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        Thanks so much! This is great feedback. I’ll follow up over email.

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    Hey, I'm interested to hear more!
    I'm wondering if what I'm working on has some parallels to what you are doing.

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      Nice, Jay!

      I thought I could DM you on IH. Email me directly (email is in profile) with context on your project, the URL and we'll get started!